Introducing new and improved Industry Keywords

March 16, 2020
Introducing new and improved Industry Keywords

DueDil's Industry Keywords help our clients understand the true nature of any business. We do this by characterising a company's activities with specific keywords e.g. "Banking", "Financial Services" or "Currency Exchange". Helping businesses to better manage risk or understand opportunities associated with different industries or business activities.

These keywords are derived from analysis of 22 different sources, including website, social media and market monitoring, revealing the true nature of over 50 million companies. Unlike other classification methods such as SIC codes, which can be out-of-date and lack granularity, DueDil's Industry Keywords give a real-time view of a company and highlight subtle differences.

Our latest update to Industry Keywords has made them even more powerful.

Industry Keywords metadata

Our Industry Keywords now include metadata about the relationship between a keyword and the company it describes, showing the level of confidence we have in the accuracy of the description.

This makes it easier to find different companies related to a particular keyword and also gives greater clarity on what a particular company does.  

How to use Industry Keywords

Keywords can be used in different ways and in conjunction with other insights to add value to business activities:

1. Accurately assess risk.

A more granular understanding of a company's operations can improve the accuracy of pricing and risk management. e.g. tailoring an insurance policy to take into account specifics of different industries.

2. See risks in real-time.

Track stakeholders as their business changes over time to ensure that your picture of risk is as accurate as possible. e.g. if a company expands into new industries this may significantly affect risk.

3. Build an ideal customer profile.

Segment your market and use specific insights on industry and activity to build a picture of your ideal customers. e.g. finding that a particular industry delivers higher margins may justify creating customised sales and marketing campaigns.

If you'd like to know more about how you can use DueDil Industry Keywords to accelerate growth and manage risk more effectively, get in touch to find out more.

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