The 2020 SME Landscape: Hyper-segmenting & real-time monitoring

December 13, 2019
The 2020 SME Landscape: Hyper-segmenting & real-time monitoring

With over 750,000 SMEs created in the last 12 months alone and the diversity of needs within the SME markets, pinpointing your target market with a high degree of precision to maintain profitability and control cost of customer acquisition have become critical.

In addition, having access to the right technology and insights to identify areas of risk within SMEs is instrumental to ensuring businesses minimise risk of default whilst arming themselves for a potential future recession.

During this DueDil Unplugged event, we were joined by a number of leaders from the financial and technology industry who shared insights on their experience working with SMEs and their vision to continue to serve that market efficiently in 2020.

Denis Dorval, our CEO, Kate Elsam, Head of Commercial Operations and Strategy, EMEA at Gartner and Nik Haidar, General Manager, UK at Validis have discussed the changing nature of the SMEs and how to effectively segment this market and perform real time monitoring of your SME portfolio. 

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