Tips on how to prepare for a virtual interview

April 20, 2020
Tips on how to prepare for a virtual interview

Interviewing can be a nerve-racking situation for some people. In the current climate we have the added stress of interviewing virtually. So, how can you take some simple steps to make sure you leave a good impression and also get all the information you need during the “meeting” itself? 

To help you, here are a few tips we have put together, that will help you prepare for a virtual interview. 

Make sure to test your technology before the interview

Well in advance of the interview, it’s no harm to test your equipment. Not only your computer and wifi, look at the lighting and the other tools you might use. If you are presenting for example, ensure you are able to transition from presenting mode to camera mode with ease. 

Set the scene

Find a room that has a clear background and has optimal natural lighting to make sure you are the focal point of the conversation. Make sure you are in a seated, comfortable position as you might be here for a while! Try to tidy up around you so you don’t have things that could distract you or your interviewer. Try to avoid seating arrangements where you are likely to slouch and yes, it’s best to avoid the couch.

Do your research before the interview 

Just like a normal face to face interview, you will want to be engaged in the conversation, so make sure you do all your research before the interview. Although tempting, don’t try and review the company's website during the interview, it’s distracting to the interviewer.

Have a physical notepad, rather than a digital one

Write all your notes and questions on a piece of paper next to you so you don’t have to flick around on your laptop during the interview finding your notes. 

Remember your body language says a thousand words

So you aren’t able to enter a room and give a firm handshake however, your body language can do all the talking for you. Remember to keep smiling, sit up straight and keep eye contact via the video. 

We hope you find this useful. Check out our careers page for our open roles and more information on life at DueDil -

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