What is Data Enrichment?

March 4, 2018
What is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is a set of processes designed to refine and optimise information to increase its value. The aim is to get as much as possible out of the data whilst also making it easier to use and access, without significantly increasing costs or generating new risks.

Data enrichment is essential for ensuring that your organisation is using accurate, high quality and up-to-date data. Relying on information that is unreliable, incorrect or outdated can have a negative impact on your business, resulting in mistakes, wasted time and unnecessary costs being incurred.

The DueDil API provides businesses with fresh and accurate data, and can be integrated into existing CRM systems to match, clean and append data autonomously.

Data enrichment process

The first stage in the data enrichment process is cleansing your existing data. This involves examining the data you already have taking into consideration quality and accuracy to determine how valuable it is.

Auditing your database will help you to find inaccuracies in the data and identify what additional data you require to gather useful insights for marketing and sales activity. Using the DueDil API, you can automate a number of these processes to cleanse and append your CRM data with ease.

Following this, the data may be extracted to correct and regulate it further by removing duplicates, auto-populating missing fields and replacing outdated data with the latest information. Once this stage is complete, the enriched data will be reuploaded into the CRM.

The key to data enrichment is to ensure that it’s ongoing and operates in real time. This can be achieved by working with a data enrichment services provider such as DueDil, who can automatically cleanse and enrich your data as it is added to your CRM.

How DueDil can help

DueDil enables businesses to append records with rich company information including related corporate entities, company officers and financial metrics. Conduct PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media screening against matched companies and individuals.

Using the DueDil API, companies can generate more informed and strategic decisions with up-to-date and accurate data and employ autonomous processes that match, clean and append database records in real time.

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