Political Press Ltd

Company name
Political Press Ltd
Company number
Company type
Private limited with share capital
Incorporation date
10 Sep 2010
Dissolution date
Type of accounts filing
Not Available
Latest annual returns
10 Sep 2011
Latest annual accounts
SIC 2003
7221 — Publishing Of Software
SIC 2007
5829 — Other Software Publishing
Social Media
Registered Address
159 Shirland Road
W9 2EP
United Kingdom
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Political Press Ltd was incorporated on 10 Sep 2010. The company's status is listed as "Dissolved" and it had 3 directors at the time it closed. The company's first director was Mr Luke Nicholas Cholerton-Bozier. Political Press Ltd does not have any subsidiaries.


Cash in hand and in the bank.

Net Assets

Total Assets less Total Liabilities.

Current Liabilities

The sum of Trade Creditors and other liabilities due within one year of the accounts date.

Current Assets

The sum of Stock, Trade Debtors, Cash and other assets due within one year of the accounts date.

Companies in Family






98888888Widgets R Us Group PlcParent
96666666Fantastic Widgets LimitedSubsidiary
97777777Widgets & Things UK LtdSubsidiary
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FromUntilPrevious Name
30 Jun 2008PresentWidgets R Us Ltd
01 Jan 197030 Jun 2008Widgets Were Us Ltd

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159 Shirland Road
W9 2EP
United Kingdom
159 Shirland Road
W9 2EP

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