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Company Number: IE460300
Company Type: Other
SIC 2003: 7414 — Business And Management Consultancy Activities
SIC 2007:
Inc. Date: 24 Jul 2008
Annual Returns: 24 Jan 2009
Annual Accounts: Unknown

Registered Address:

Apt Number 1
Sackville Court
Blessington Street
Dublin 1

Trading Address:

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Hafez Holdings Limited was set up on 24 Jul 2008 and has its registered office in Dublin 1. Its current status is listed as "Dissolved" and it had 2 directors at the time it closed. It was founded by Batoul Hajbakri, Mohamed Hafez. Hafez Holdings Limited has no subsidiaries.
SubmittedEffectiveDescriptionStatusDocument #
23 Feb 200924 Jan 2009B1 Annual ReturnReceived1
23 Jul 200824 Jul 2008CertificateRegistered3
23 Jul 200824 Jul 2008Memorandum And ArticlesRegistered2
23 Jul 200824 Jul 2008A1 Application To Register As A New Company,Registered1

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