Blue Dolphin Environmental Limited


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2,591 EUR

Included as part of current assets, cash refers to the amount held in current or deposit bank accounts.

Net Assets

5,973 EUR

Also known as book value, the net assets value can give a rough indication of a company's net worth.

Current Liabilities

56,613 EUR

Any amount owed by a company to other agents that must be paid within one year of the date on the balance sheet.

Current Assets

27,086 EUR

Also known as circulating or floating assets, current assets constantly change from cash to goods and back again.

Blue Dolphin Environmental LimitedEdit details
Company Number: IE497988
Company Type: Private limited with share capital
SIC 2003:
SIC 2007:
Inc. Date: 21 Apr 2011
Annual Returns: 21 Oct 2013
Annual Accounts: 30 Apr 2013

Registered Address:

Co Monaghan

Trading Address:

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Trading Tel: 0877460023
Blue Dolphin Environmental Limited was set up on 21 Apr 2011 and has its registered office in Co Monaghan. Its current status is listed as "Live" and it currently has 2 directors. It was founded by Jane Mccullagh, Garret Mccullagh. Blue Dolphin Environmental Limited has no subsidiaries.
SubmittedEffectiveDescriptionStatusDocument #
18 Nov 201321 Oct 2013Account DetailsRegistered2
18 Nov 201321 Oct 2013B1 Annual ReturnRegistered1
01 Nov 201221 Oct 2012Account DetailsRegistered2
01 Nov 201221 Oct 2012B1 Annual ReturnRegistered1
01 Nov 201121 Oct 2011B1 Annual ReturnRegistered1

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