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Key financials 30 Sep 2012 30 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2010 30 Sep 2009 30 Sep 2008 30 Sep 2007
Number of Employees32,28129,84525,81320,89718,7700 - 50
Turnover4,256,751,001 GBP3,909,191,584 GBP3,250,179,899 GBP3,111,922,358 GBP3,142,220,985 GBP
Cost of Sales
Gross Profit
Operating Profit763,267,740 GBP787,119,857 GBP755,576,877 GBP395,334,342 GBP459,226,273 GBP
Pre-tax Profit739,415,623 GBP777,749,382 GBP754,777,325 GBP402,457,484 GBP643,844,512 GBP
Post-tax Profit733,452,594 GBP769,230,769 GBP746,781,802 GBP397,115,128 GBP641,061,323 GBP
Balance Sheet 30 Sep 2012 30 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2010 30 Sep 2009 30 Sep 2008 30 Sep 2007
Net Assets386,745,038 GBP472,783,031 GBP429,359,559 GBP524,441,279 GBP706,930,142 GBP
Total Assets2,654,399,864 GBP2,451,656,870 GBP2,223,554,809 GBP1,907,221,084 GBP2,035,439,280 GBP
Total Liabilities2,267,654,826 GBP1,978,873,839 GBP1,794,195,251 GBP1,382,779,806 GBP1,328,509,138 GBP
Cash278,558,651 GBP232,558,140 GBP247,061,645 GBP240,406,019 GBP262,547,546 GBP
Tangible Assets638,044,126 GBP592,043,615 GBP619,652,994 GBP535,125,991 GBP259,764,357 GBP
Intangible Assets122,668,030 GBP112,445,694 GBP86,351,643 GBP78,354,554 GBP58,446,980 GBP
Fixed Assets760,712,156 GBP704,489,309 GBP706,004,637 GBP613,480,545 GBP318,211,337 GBP
Current Assets1,893,687,708 GBP1,747,167,561 GBP1,517,550,172 GBP1,293,740,540 GBP1,717,227,943 GBP
Other Debtors583,525,002 GBP558,821,024 GBP433,357,320 GBP121,983,795 GBP511,179,145 GBP
Miscellaneous Current Assets212,113,468 GBP193,372,519 GBP214,280,003 GBP226,159,736 GBP134,520,828 GBP
Current Liabilities1,799,131,101 GBP1,659,425,845 GBP1,420,804,350 GBP1,129,908,290 GBP1,137,396,790 GBP
Trade Creditors36,630,037 GBP29,815,146 GBP35,979,851 GBP151,366,753 GBP115,038,501 GBP
Trade Debtors819,490,587 GBP762,415,879 GBP622,851,203 GBP705,190,989 GBP808,980,425 GBP
Bank Loans & Overdrafts270,891,899 GBP266,632,592 GBP144,718,957 GBP140,682,041 GBP88,134,335 GBP
Other Short Term Finances23,852,117 GBP21,296,533 GBP15,991,045 GBP190,544,030 GBP8,349,569 GBP
Miscellaneous Current Liabilities1,467,757,049 GBP1,341,681,574 GBP1,224,114,496 GBP647,315,466 GBP925,874,385 GBP
Other Long Term Finances
Total Long Term Liabilities468,523,724 GBP319,447,994 GBP373,390,901 GBP252,871,516 GBP191,112,348 GBP
Retained Profits358,633,614 GBP390,152,483 GBP393,379,707 GBP397,115,128 GBP641,061,323 GBP
Salaries and Dividends 30 Sep 2012 30 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2010 30 Sep 2009 30 Sep 2008 30 Sep 2007
Wages & Salaries2,306,840,446 GBP1,873,243,036 GBP1,713,440,473 GBP1,882,290,090 GBP1,671,769,181 GBP
Directors Emoluments374,818,979 GBP379,078,286 GBP345,406,572 GBP
Shareholder Funds386,745,038 GBP472,783,031 GBP429,359,559 GBP524,441,279 GBP706,930,142 GBP
Dividends Payable7,195,970 GBP
Other 30 Sep 2012 30 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2010 30 Sep 2009 30 Sep 2008 30 Sep 2007
Audit Fees1,167,901,866 GBP1,516,313,144 GBP255,857 GBP890,393 GBP92,773 GBP
Taxation-5,963,029 GBP-8,518,613 GBP-7,995,523 GBP-5,342,356 GBP-2,783,190 GBP
Net Worth264,077,008 GBP360,337,337 GBP343,007,916 GBP446,086,724 GBP648,483,162 GBP
Depreciation64,741,460 GBP61,334,015 GBP41,576,717 GBP33,834,921 GBP36,181,464 GBP
Capital Employed855,268,762 GBP792,231,025 GBP802,750,460 GBP777,312,795 GBP898,042,490 GBP
Audit 30 Sep 2012 30 Sep 2011 30 Sep 2010 30 Sep 2009 30 Sep 2008 30 Sep 2007
Name of Auditors Grant thornton uk llp Grant thornton uk llp Grant thornton uk llp
Joint Auditors (If Applicable)
Name of Solicitors
Name of Accountants
Audit Qualification The audit report contains no adverse comments The audit report contains no adverse comments The audit report contains no adverse comments Exempt from audit

Debtor Days

30 Sep 2012-0.92(1.31%)
Previous Values
30 Sep 201171.19
30 Sep 201069.95
30 Sep 200982.71
30 Sep 200893.97


Trade Debtors ÷ Turnover × 365 days


This calculation predicts the average time in days that it takes for the company to collect its invoices for goods and services provided to its customers.

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