Company name
Henri Capital Partners LLP
Company number
Company type
Incorporation date
14 Apr 2011
Dissolution Date:
Type of accounts filing
Total Exemption Small
Latest annual returns
14 Apr 2012
Latest annual accounts
19 Nov 2012
SIC 2003
SIC 2007
Social Media
Registered Address
The Mill Copley Hill Business Pk
CB22 3GN
United Kingdom
Trading Address
4 The Mill
Copley Hill Farm Business Park
Cambridge Road, Babraham
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
CB22 3GN
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Henri Capital Partners LLP was set up on 14 Apr 2011 and has its registered office in Cambridge. Its current status is listed as "Dissolved" and it had 5 directors at the time it closed. It was founded by Wuytack Limited, Yi-Hong Joey Huang, Joey Huang Limited, Henri Capital Services (UK) Ltd, Mr Filip Jos Jean Lieve Wuytack. Henri Capital Partners LLP has no subsidiaries.


200,123 GBP

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223,534 GBP

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223,534 GBP

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Current Liabilities

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Current Assets

123,112 GBP

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Current Assets

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The company ceased trading during y/e 19.11.12.

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