Hedge End Park Limited
Company number
Company type
Private limited with share capital
Incorporation date
21 Jun 1990
Latest confirmation statement
21 Jun 2017
Latest Accounts
11 Mar 2017
Type of accounts
Full Accounts
Legal Entity Identifier
Not available Source
Next confirmation statement due
19 Jul 2017
Next annual accounts due
13 Dec 2018
SIC 2003
7011 — Development And Selling Of Real Estate
SIC 2007
4110 — Development Of Building Projects
Social Media
Registered Address
33 Holborn
United Kingdom
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Hedge End Park Limited was set up on 21 Jun 1990 and has its registered office in London. Its current status is listed as "Active". It currently has 2 directors. Hedge End Park Limited has no subsidiaries.


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770,336 GBP

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Current Liabilities


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Net Assets


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Current Assets

11,046,295 GBP

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Registered Names

FromUntilPrevious Name
30 Jun 2008PresentWidgets R Us Ltd
01 Jun 197030 Jun 2008Widgets Were Us Ltd

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