Dr Martens Airwair Group Limited

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Dr Martens Airwair Group Limited
Company number
Company type
Private limited with share capital
Incorporation date
17 Jan 1992
Latest confirmation statement
29 Jun 2018
Latest accounts
31 Mar 2018
Type of accounts
Full Accounts
Legal Entity Identifier
Not available
Next confirmation statement due
13 Jul 2019
Next annual accounts due
31 Dec 2018
SIC 2003
7415 — Management Activities Of Holding Companies
SIC 2007
70100 — Activities Of Head Offices
Related names
Dr. Maertens, Doc Marten, Klaus Maertens, DM's, Doctor Martin
Social media
Registered address
Cobbs Lane Wollaston
Nr Wellingborough
NN29 7SW
United Kingdom
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Registered Names

21 Jan 2014PresentDr Martens Airwair Group Limited
03 Feb 199221 Jan 2014R Griggs Group Limited
17 Jan 199203 Feb 1992Meaujo (125) Limited

Company characteristics

Industry Keywords
capital investment investment garments shoe care bags tubes youth fashion footwear apparel boots care products
20-50 years
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DueDil description

Dr Martens Airwair Group Limited was incorporated on 17 Jan 1992 and is located in Wellingborough. The company's status is listed as "Active". It currently has 8 directors. The company's first directors were John Main Clissold, Roger Colin Shelton, Stephen Wm Griggs, William Maximillian Griggs. Dr Martens Airwair Group Limited employs 5-9 people.

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Wikipedia description

Dr. Martens is an English footwear and clothing brand, which also makes a range of accessories – shoe care products, clothing, bag, etc. In addition to Dr. Martens, they are also commonly known as Doctor Martens, Doc Martens, DMs or Docs.

Source article: Dr. Martens

Companies House description

Intermediate investment holding company.T/O=Revenue.

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