Holdingham Group Limited

Company name
Holdingham Group Limited
Company number
Legal Entity Identifier
213800KWOTP12NVZ8G54 Source
Company type
Private limited with share capital
Incorporation date
15 Dec 1997
Type of accounts filing
Latest annual returns
15 Dec 2016
Next annual returns due
12 Jan 2017
Latest annual accounts
30 Jun 2015
Next annual accounts due
31 Mar 2018
SIC 2003
7414 — Business And Management Consultancy Activities
SIC 2007
70229 — Management Consultancy Activities (Other Than Financial Management)
Related names
Pelorus Research
Social Media
Registered Address
34 Upper Brook Street
United Kingdom
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Holdingham Group Limited was set up on 15 Dec 1997 has its registered office in London. Its current status is listed as "Active". It currently has 5 directors. The company's first directors were Christopher Noel Mackworth James, Michael John Reynolds, Michael William Maclay, David Anthony Baker, Peter Grenville Cazalet and 1 more. The company employs 50-99 people. Holdingham Group Limited has 4 subsidiaries.


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5,423,255 GBP

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Current Liabilities

14,730,629 GBP

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Net Assets

12,556,528 GBP

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Current Assets

20,146,107 GBP

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Registered Names

FromUntilPrevious Name
30 Jun 2008PresentWidgets R Us Ltd
01 Jun 197030 Jun 2008Widgets Were Us Ltd

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Wikipedia Description

Hakluyt & Company is a British strategic intelligence and advisory firm, and since 2011 has been a trading name of the renamed company Holdingham Group Limited. Pelorus Research is another trading activity of Holdingham Group, started in 2011, providing research to investment managers.

Source article: Hakluyt & Company

Companies House Description

A group engaged in research and supply of information for the use of commerce.


34 Upper Brook Street
United Kingdom
34 Upper Brook Street
United Kingdom

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