01. Situation

With year-on-year growth of 25% and a ticket sold every 2.5 seconds, Trainline is the leading online retailer of train tickets in the UK.

However, Trainline was encumbered by a reactive sales approach, and a slow and costly internal process for credit checking potential clients.

To meet increasing growth targets, Trainline needed to research and create business development leads more efficiently. It also wanted a better, quicker method of credit checking prospective clients.

02. Actions

With a live database of every single company in the UK and Ireland, DueDil provides Trainline with segmented, bespoke data uncovering ideal customer targets.

Through DueDil’s advanced keyword search, Trainline reaches out to a vast number of new clients it couldn’t previously access.

Trainline increased its proactively sourced leads by 23% in the first three months, and boosted the size of its pipeline by nearly one-third.

03. Results

DueDil’s data ensures Trainline’s business development is on the right track

Achieved a


first-year ROI

Increased sourced leads by


in the first three months

Trainline's reactive sales team


to a focused proactive unit

DueDil has helped us turn our Business Development function from a predominantly reactive team to a highly-focused proactive one. The data and insights we get from DueDil have quickly proven to be a powerful sales aid.

As a technology company ourselves we understand the value of a simple, clear and intuitive UI all of which has made adoption of the tool a breeze. The product development is very dynamic and is constantly evolving, which is enhancing the value of the tool.

Mike Lambrou

Head of Business Development

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