01. Situation

TransferWise provides a peer-to-peer money transfer service for both businesses and individuals. Since launching in 2011, it has catered for over £3 billion in total transfers.

In order to make the verification process easier for customers, TransferWise needed a reliable means of validating documents provided during sign-up.

02. Actions

With a live database of every single company in the UK and Ireland, DueDil provides TransferWise with access to comprehensive and reliable business information.

Using this data, TransferWise is able to quickly cross-check information supplied by business customers during sign-up, making the verification process faster and more efficient.

As a result, customers do not have to upload documents themselves, ensuring a seamless user experience and minimising drop-off.

TransferWise is now able to take a hands-on approach to onboarding new clients, ensuring a smooth process for all parties.

03. Results

TransferWise now uses DueDil to cross-check information provided by all new business customers.

Used to verify details for around


of all customers

Enables TransferWise to


customer information and mitigate risk quickly and reliably

DueDil helps to


customer drop-off by simplifying the onboarding process

We started out using Companies House. Our verification became an issue when we started having more customers to onboard.

Kristi Kuldsaar

Procurement Manager

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