01. Situation

With more than 11,000 cars globally, Zipcar is one of the leading players in the car sharing space, offering a cost-effective alternative to car ownership.

However, even though the market is exploding by more than 30% a year according to consultants Roland Berger, competition is stiff with a number of different providers on the market.

Zipcar needed a way to connect with small businesses before any of their competitors could.

02. Actions

With details of every single company in the UK and Ireland and a continuously refreshed database of new company incorporations and their geographical locations, DueDil was able to provide this information to Zipcar in real time, along with segmentation data across a number of financial metrics.

Using this, Zipcar sent a direct mail campaign to all these new businesses, congratulating them on starting up and notifying them of the car in their area.

03. Results

DueDil’s data took Zipcar’s business development up to top gear

Achieved a


lead conversion rate using DueDil

DueDil is the main tool used to


new business opportunities

Zipcar will


into Europe for next phase of growth

We have been working with DueDil for two years. No other tool on the market enables us to identify potential customers on a geolocation basis and vet them across a number of business KPIs while providing further insight for network analysis. This is truly unique.

We are now using DueDil as our main tool to identify new potential clients and scale up our business in the UK. We can’t wait for it to scale across Europe!

Andrew Edgar

Head of Zipcar for Business UK

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