David Cocksedge

Ex-Director of Dynamo Eurotrade Limited
Born: Dec 1952 (65 years ago)
The first position as a director we have on file for David Cocksedge was in at Explorer Systems Limited. Their most recent directorship was with Bisfield International Limited. This company has been around since 17 Feb 2000. In total, David has held 202 directorships, 0 of which are current, and 202 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Jesse HesterCaptex International Limited
Philip CroshawInter Paper Company
James William GrassickInter Paper Company
K2k Corp.21st Century Management Limited
Philip BurwellKnightsview Corporation
Elmar Zallapa21st Century Management Limited
Alastair CunninghamGreyglen Limited
Lennart StenkeBisfield International Limited
Roisin MccannBisfield International Limited
Leo ButlerCourtney (Financial Services) Limited
Pauline FottrellCourtney (Financial Services) Limited
Belinda CroshawBelvedere Associates
Services Limited R.E.Agropack Limited
John GriffenRoyalhill Holdings Limited
Evnipides PatsalidesDawnwell Investments Limited
Veronica KearneyCooksdale International Limited
Desmond Joseph KearneyCooksdale International Limited
Company Services LimitedCooksdale International Limited
. Barton Secretaries LimitedRegal Management Limited
Sarah Corson ParkesRegal Management Limited
Kay Rawlins-DuqueminRegal Management Limited
Joseph KennyEast/West Alliance Limited
Noreen KennyFinancelink Limited
F.P.R. Trust Co. LimitedKonig Eurotrade
David CocksedgeCity & Capital Enterprises
Philip O'donoghueRoll Power Limited
William CurranPeaga Investments Limited
Company Services LimitedAerolease Engine Services Limited
Michael Patrick DwenDaventer Limited
Abraham MandelDaventer Limited
K2k CorpDeltamax Limited
Marion Lesley SelwoodEastdale Developments Limited
Gary HartounianKnightsview Corporation
Company Services LimitedDeltamax Limited
Philip DonoghueGlobefox Enterprises Limited
Philip Mark CroshawBrightmount Properties Limited
F. P. R. Trust Company LimitedProgram Managers Limited
Noreen KennyRichmond Contractors
George Robinson MachanMetrovale Holdings Limited
Joan LanyonStenford Limited
. Verite Secretaries LtdBelvedere Acquisitions Limited
James LanyonBelvedere Acquisitions Limited
F.P.R Trust Co. Ltd.Uniking Limited
Fpr Trust Co. LtdNew Century Corporate Finance
Limited F.P.R. Trust CompanyFederal Contracts Limited
Philip O' DonoghueFederal Contracts Limited
Jesse HesterEconotech Limited
Fpr Trust Company LimitedZerotech Corp.
Bcf Corporate Secretaries .Baltimora Diffusion Limited
David Frederick HesterBekett Limited
John SollyCommonwealth Medical Advisors Limited
Alexandra SollyCommonwealth Medical Advisors Limited
Caroline GriffenMallion Limited
Thomas James DayDpc International, Data Promotion Corp. Limited
Joan Kathleen LanyonWestmore Enterprises
Fpr Trust Company LimitedGlobefox Enterprises Limited
Company Services LimitedGlobefox Enterprises Limited
Desmond KearneyHighfield Acquisitions Limited
Fpr Trust Company LimitedNew Aim Management Limited
Qas Secretaries LimitedMallion Limited
Classic Secretaries LimitedLacrona Holdings Limited
Maria Dolores ArlandisS O L V O Limited
Robert CockxS O L V O Limited
Dominique AmaudruzKendin Services Limited
Michel BergmannKendin Services Limited
Michel AmaudruzKendin Services Limited
Fpr Trust Co. LimitedJet Industries Limited
Olive SpillaneFoynes Cargo Handling Limited
Patrick MaloneFoynes Cargo Handling Limited
Philip Mark CroshawBaron Corporation
Aleksandr PopovichFirst Import/Export Limited
Siarhei KryvenkaFirst Import/Export Limited
Vladimir MalenkoFirst Import/Export Limited
. F P R Trust Company LimitedFleetwood Finance
Joseph KennyFinancelink Limited
Peter Randolph LewinScorpion Commercial Limited
Loretta ThompsonScorpion Commercial Limited
F.P.R. Trust Company Limited ,Richmond Contractors
Jesse Grant HesterTop Range Investments Limited
. Old Crown Trust LimitedTop Range Investments Limited
Simon ElmontTop Range Investments Limited
Margaret LawtonNova Agency Limited
. Iosg Secretaries IncNova Agency Limited
Philip BoireilNova Agency Limited
Paula BridgemanBlake Resources Unlimited Company
Brendan MurphyBlake Resources Unlimited Company
Secretaries PremiumBlake Resources Unlimited Company
Noreen Elizabeth KennyProgram Managers Limited
. Luxco 2000 LtdNorthern Impex Resources Limited
Margaret H LawtonNorthern Impex Resources Limited
Vivianne BeattyNorthern Impex Resources Limited
Sian Amanda WoodTarnfield Investments Limited
Alastair CunninghamTarnfield Investments Limited
David John BirdStenford Limited
Bradwell LimitedStenford Limited
Roger BennettRustal Trading Limited
Julie BennettRustal Trading Limited
John DugganRustal Trading Limited
Karin SeewaldAgropack Limited
Secretaries WalbrookAgropack Limited
John Michael AlcockAgropack Limited
Rinaldo RossiAgropack Limited
Marie MccormackRoll Power Limited
Company Services LimitedRoll Power Limited
Una DowlingRoll Power Limited
John Charles MaherBekett Limited
Colette HennessyBekett Limited
Trevor G RobinsonMetrovale Holdings Limited
Paul Andrew BaudetMetrovale Holdings Limited
Dean BeuzevalMetrovale Holdings Limited
. Verite Secretaries LimitedMetrovale Holdings Limited
Diogenis DiogenousThe Financial, Actuarial and Property Research Company Limited
Margaret GriffenThe Financial, Actuarial and Property Research Company Limited
Helen Anita JacksonThe Financial, Actuarial and Property Research Company Limited
Paata CimpineanuAnderson-Spencer-Currington International Consulting Limited
George Joseph Patrick O'connorEastdale Developments Limited
Peter George GregoryQueensdale Limited
Michael KyriakouQueensdale Limited
Jesse HestorBurlington Associates Limited
Iosg Secretaries Inc Iosg SecretariesKnightsview Corporation
. F.P.R. Trust Co. LimitedFinancelink Limited
Alastair CunninghamPamgrove Continental Limited
John Wortley-HuntWestmore Enterprises
R.E. Services LimitedWestmore Enterprises
Austin GaffneyPgk International Limited
Marion BurgessPgk International Limited
Joan RanceOrion Projects Limited
Albert RanceOrion Projects Limited
Premium Secretaries LimitedInter Paper Company
Christopher Paul StewartInter Paper Company
Noeleen CurranPeaga Investments Limited
Company Services LimitedMelteks Limited
Company Services LimitedPeaga Investments Limited
Jonathan LowCaptex International Limited
Sylvie VeillardCaptex International Limited
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Director at Pine 4 You Limited
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Director at Tlp Staffs Limited
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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