David Thomas Cocksedge

Ex-Director of Explorer Systems Limited
Born: Dec 1952 (66 years ago)
David Thomas Cocksedge was born in 1952 and the first directorship we have on file was in 1901 at First Euro Alliance Limited. Their most recent directorship was with Explorer Systems Limited . This company has been around since 10 Feb 1997.
Officer withat
Jesse Hester Courtney (Financial Services) Limited
Philip Croshaw Hartford Resources
James William Grassick Hartford Resources
Joseph Kenny Engineering and Advanced Technology Group Limited
Noreen Kenny Trentmore Limited
Alastair Cunningham Harrogate Investments Limited
Company Services Limited Regal Management Limited
Veronica Kearney Regal Management Limited
William Curran Deltamax Limited
Noreen Kenny Engineering and Advanced Technology Group Limited
Services Limited R.E. Premium Supply Company
F. P. R. Trust Company Limited Trentmore Limited
Belinda Croshaw Vesta Corporation Limited
Desmond Kearney Minstral International Limited
Joseph Kenny Fleetwood Finance
Joan Kathleen Lanyon DPC International, Data Promotion Corp. Limited
Philip Mark Croshaw Greyglen Limited
F.P.R. Trust Co. Limited Engineering and Advanced Technology Group Limited
Desmond Joseph Kearney Regal Management Limited
Joan Kathleen Lanyon Belvedere Acquisitions Limited
David Frederick Hester J.A.R. Resources Limited
George Robinson Machan Belvedere Acquisitions Limited
Marion Selwood Deltamax Limited
David John Bird Tarnfield Investments Limited
Philip Donoghue Deltamax Limited
Noeleen Curran Melteks Limited
John Griffen Dawnwell Investments Limited
Philip O'donoghue Aerolease Engine Services Limited
Caroline Griffen DPC International, Data Promotion Corp. Limited
Garo Hartounian Deltamax Limited
Philip Burwell 21St Century Management Limited
Bradwell Limited Tarnfield Investments Limited
Company Services Limited Roll Power Limited
Noreen Elizabeth Kenny Program Managers Limited
Philip O' Donoghue Federal Contracts Limited
Pauline Fottrell Courtney (Financial Services) Limited
Kay Rawlins-Duquemin Regal Management Limited
Karin Seewald Agropack Limited
John Charles Maher Bekett Limited
James Lanyon Belvedere Acquisitions Limited
Sarah Corson Parkes Regal Management Limited
John Michael Alcock Agropack Limited
Philip Mark Croshaw Brightmount Properties Limited
John Duggan Rustal Trading Limited
Leo Butler Courtney (Financial Services) Limited
Colette Hennessy Bekett Limited
Helen Anita Jackson The Financial, Actuarial and Property Research Company Limited
. Barton Secretaries Limited Regal Management Limited
. Verite Secretaries Limited Metrovale Holdings Limited
. Old Crown Trust Limited Top Range Investments Limited
Jonathan Low Captex International Limited
Sylvie Veillard Captex International Limited
Julie Bennett Rustal Trading Limited
Rinaldo Rossi Agropack Limited
Lennart Stenke Bisfield International Limited
Dominique Amaudruz Kendin Services Limited
Michel Amaudruz Kendin Services Limited
John Solly Commonwealth Medical Advisors Limited
Alexandra Solly Commonwealth Medical Advisors Limited
Michel Bergmann Kendin Services Limited
. Verite Secretaries Ltd Belvedere Acquisitions Limited
Abraham Mandel Daventer Limited
Marie Mccormack Roll Power Limited
. F P R Trust Company Limited Fleetwood Finance
Maria Dolores Arlandis S O L V O Limited
Premium Secretaries Limited Inter Paper Company
Simon Elmont Top Range Investments Limited
Dean Beuzeval Metrovale Holdings Limited
Qas Secretaries Limited Mallion Limited
Jesse Hester Econotech Limited
Roger Bennett Rustal Trading Limited
Roisin Mccann Bisfield International Limited
Secretaries Walbrook Agropack Limited
Company Services Limited Melteks Limited
Company Services Limited Peaga Investments Limited
Jesse Hestor Burlington Associates Limited
Fpr Trust Co. Ltd New Century Corporate Finance
Christopher Paul Stewart Inter Paper Company
Peter Lewin Scorpion Commercial Limited
. Iosg Secretaries Inc Nova Agency Limited
Marion Burgess PGK International Limited
R.E. Services Limited Westmore Enterprises
Michael Dwen Daventer Limited
Margaret H Lawton Northern Impex Resources Limited
Jesse Grant Hester Top Range Investments Limited
Limited F.P.R. Trust Company Financelink Limited
Alastair Cunningham Tarnfield Investments Limited
Sian Amanda Wood Tarnfield Investments Limited
Loretta Thompson Scorpion Commercial Limited
Classic Secretaries Limited Lacrona Holdings Limited
George Joseph Patrick O'connor Eastdale Developments Limited
Vivianne Beatty Northern Impex Resources Limited
K2k Corp Deltamax Limited
Peter George Gregory Queensdale Limited
Diogenis Diogenous The Financial, Actuarial and Property Research Company Limited
Margaret Griffen The Financial, Actuarial and Property Research Company Limited
Paata Cimpineanu Anderson-Spencer-Currington International Consulting Limited
Bcf Corporate Secretaries . Baltimora Diffusion Limited
Evnipides Patsalides Dawnwell Investments Limited
Elmar Zallapa 21St Century Management Limited
Thomas James Day DPC International, Data Promotion Corp. Limited
Iosg Secretaries Inc Iosg Secretaries Knightsview Corporation
Alastair Cunningham Pamgrove Continental Limited
Una Dowling Roll Power Limited
. Luxco 2000 Ltd Northern Impex Resources Limited
Olive Spillane Foynes Cargo Handling Limited
Paula Bridgeman Blake Resources Unlimited Company
Margaret Lawton Nova Agency Limited
Brendan Murphy Blake Resources Unlimited Company
Secretaries Premium Blake Resources Unlimited Company
Fpr Trust Co. Limited Jet Industries Limited
Michael Kyriakou Queensdale Limited
F.P.R Trust Co. Ltd. Uniking Limited
Company Services Limited Aerolease Engine Services Limited
F.P.R. Trust Company Limited , Richmond Contractors
Fpr Trust Company Limited New Aim Management Limited
Company Services Limited Globefox Enterprises Limited
Fpr Trust Company Limited Globefox Enterprises Limited
Company Services Limited Deltamax Limited
Fpr Trust Company Limited Zerotech Corp.
Aleksandr Popovich First Import/Export Limited
Siarhei Kryvenka First Import/Export Limited
Vladimir Malenko First Import/Export Limited
Limited F.P.R. Trust Company Federal Contracts Limited
Paul Andrew Baudet Metrovale Holdings Limited
John Wortley-Hunt Westmore Enterprises
Trevor G Robinson Metrovale Holdings Limited
Austin Gaffney PGK International Limited
Patrick Malone Foynes Cargo Handling Limited
Robert Cockx S O L V O Limited
Joan Rance Orion Projects Limited
Philip Boireil Nova Agency Limited
Albert Rance Orion Projects Limited
K2k Corp. 21St Century Management Limited

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