Vivianne Beatty

Born: Oct 1960 (58 years ago)
The first position as a director we have on file for Vivianne Beatty was in 2000 at Northern Impex Resources Limited. Their most recent directorship was with Neo Membran Services Limited. This company has been around since 28 Apr 2011 and lists its registered address as being in Dublin 12. In total, Vivianne has held 53 directorships, 0 of which are current, and 53 are no longer active.
Officer withat
K2k Corp.Hi - Tec Marketing Limited
Gary HartounianAtlantic Spectrum Limited
Joseph KennyViking Merchants
Noreen KennyViking Merchants
Fpr Trust Co. LtdOnline Communications Corporation
John MicheauGto Global Transport Organisation Limited
Philip BoireilAtlantic Spectrum Limited
Margaret LawtonGto Global Transport Organisation Limited
Desmond Joseph KearneyGlobal Avto Limited
Company Services LimitedNeo Membran Services Limited
Veronica KearneyGlobal Avto Limited
Maxim VasyaginSunrise Technology Limited
George Joseph Patrick O'connorThe Westbury Fund Limited
Philip BurwellSystemtech Limited
James SomersNorthern Impex Resources Limited
K2k CorpPetrotex Energy Corp.
Joseph O'connorCara Capital & Finance Limited
Stan GorinLuxco. 2000 Limited
K2k CorpSystemtech Limited
Graham GillNeo Membran Services Limited
Sandra Helen RothwellDeos Technologies Limited
. K2 CorpDeos Technologies Limited
Philip Donald BoireilDeos Technologies Limited
Erik VanagelsHi - Tec Marketing Limited
K2k Corp.Knightscastle Limited
Anastasia CamaidisThe Westbury Fund Limited
Nicholetta ChristodoulidasThe Westbury Fund Limited
, Porema LimitedThe Westbury Fund Limited
Messrs Kzk CorpThe Westbury Fund Limited
Elizabeth KearneyThe Westbury Fund Limited
Raymond KearneyThe Westbury Fund Limited
Manti EffrosyniLnk International Holdings Limited
Simon ElmontLnk International Holdings Limited
James William GrassickLnk International Holdings Limited
. First Secretaries LimitedLnk International Holdings Limited
Brigita RundaneLnk International Holdings Limited
Philip Donall BoireilPennygold Trading Supplies Limited
Gillian EllisLintom Limited
Michael ReissLintom Limited
Patricia OakesLintom Limited
Albert RanceLintom Limited
Ricardo Rodriguez DelgadoLintom Limited
Raissa IaremchoukSlaviya-East-West Limited
Yuri BolozovychSlaviya-East-West Limited
Noeleen CurranAlt Denim Securities Limited
Company Services LimitedMda Investments Limited
William CurranAlt Denim Securities Limited
Peter DoyleSco Trade Limited
J.T. Amber & CoSco Trade Limited
Yury NikolskiySco Trade Limited
Alexey GrigorievSco Trade Limited
Aleksandr DanilovSco Trade Limited
F. P. R. Trust Company LimitedViking Merchants
Joanne KennyGloria Investments & Management Limited
Noreen KennyPetrotex Energy Corp.
Margaret LawtonGlobal Avto Limited
Eduard PeshkovGella Limited
Janis ZalkalnsViking Merchants
Joyce Helga WalleySignatex Limited
Elmar ZallapaIndotech Resources Limited
. F.P.R. Trust Co. LimitedIndotech Resources Limited
Daniel HessInfo-Data Consulting Limited
Gerold HoopInfo-Data Consulting Limited
K2k CorpPennygold Trading Supplies Limited
Corp. Body K2k Corp.Six Continents Trading House
Janis ZalkansSix Continents Trading House
Marion Lesley SelwoodGlobal Avto Limited
. Luxco 2000 LtdNorthern Impex Resources Limited
Margaret H LawtonNorthern Impex Resources Limited
Jesse HesterNorthern Impex Resources Limited
David CocksedgeNorthern Impex Resources Limited
Dzmitry AcharouAlt Denim Securities Limited
Sergejs GrigolunsAlt Denim Securities Limited
Company Services LimitedAlt Denim Securities Limited
Emil FabiniAragonia Construction Limited
Rashid YusupovAragonia Construction Limited
Ihba GmbHAragonia Construction Limited
Alfred BrewsterAragonia Construction Limited
Imran PashayevPerfect Engineering Limited
Svetlana ShebarshovaPerfect Engineering Limited
Noreen Elizabeth KennyManhattan Industries
Fpr Trust & Co.Manhattan Industries
Damian James CalderbankPennygold Trading Supplies Limited
. Corporo LimitedPennygold Trading Supplies Limited
Margaret GriffenPennygold Trading Supplies Limited
. K 2 K CorpIndustrial Product Systems (Ips) Limited
Philip Donald BoireilNeo Membran Services Limited
Ronald Erich DavidNeo Membran Services Limited
Manlio CelottiNeo Membran Services Limited
Sandra RothwellLuxco. 2000 Limited
Igor SubbotovskyPetrotex Energy Corp.
Fpr Trust Company LtdPetrotex Energy Corp.
Joseph KennyPetrotex Energy Corp.
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