Mr Allan Scott Mcewan

Director of Mpm Ventures Ltd
Born: Feb 1965 (53 years ago)
Nationality: British
Mr Allan Scott Mcewan is British. The first directorship we have on file for him was in 2001 at Ribbon Health and Fitness Limited. His newest directorship is with Mpm Ventures Ltd where he holds the position of "Chartered accountant". The company was established 09 Mar 2015 and is based in East Sussex. So far, Allan has held 113 directorships, 1 of which is currently active, and 112 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Paul Edgecliffe-JohnsonIhc Overseas (U.K.) Limited
Pritti PatelHotel Intercontinental London (Holdings) Limited
Fiona CuttellHotel Intercontinental London (Holdings) Limited
Catherine SpringettLecheek Limited
Daksha HiraniBbjv Investments Limited
Nigel StocksLecheek Limited
Ralph WheelerBbjv Investments Limited
Richard WinterLecheek Limited
Ryan PrinceRibbon Ig Limited
Mark NewmanRibbon Ig Limited
Andrew FishRibbon Ig Limited
Catherine EngmannIhc Overseas (U.K.) Limited
Alison WilliamsIhc Overseas (U.K.) Limited
Francis CrostonIhc Overseas (U.K.) Limited
Paul MitchellRibbon Hotels Group (UK) Limited
Chloe BarryLecheek Limited
Sophia KamereHoliday Inns of America (U.K.) Limited
Charles GlanvilleIhc Overseas (U.K.) Limited
Graham CowieIhc Overseas (U.K.) Limited
Esther LamIhc UK (Holdings) Limited
Helen MartinIhc Overseas (U.K.) Limited
Fiona Littlebury-Cuttell CuttellPollstrong Limited
Hannah AshdownLecheek Limited
Michael BridgeBbjv Investments Limited
Ian PowellLecheek Limited
Esther LamIhc May Fair (Holdings) Limited
Pritti PatelIhc May Fair (Holdings) Limited
Fiona CuttellIhc May Fair (Holdings) Limited
Colin GarwoodSc Finance Investments Two Company
Ann MartinHomeprompt Limited
Peter RussellHomeprompt Limited
Melanie CoxPollstrong Limited
Adam SykesSix Continents Holdings Limited
Esther LamSix Continents Corporate Services
Pritti PatelSix Continents Corporate Services
David HouseSix Continents Corporate Services
Pritti PatelHoliday Inns (England) Limited
Patrick HartreyBbjv Investments Limited
Sarah RobinsonRibbon Hotels Group (UK) Limited
Sally ReesHoliday Inns of America (U.K.) Limited
Robert JackmanHoliday Inns of America (U.K.) Limited
Helen MartinIntercontinental Hotels Group Services Company
David BlandIntercontinental Hotels Group Services Company
Mark WongOpen World Limited
John MorrisonOpen World Limited
Robert PostOpen World Limited
Joanna BookerOpen World Limited
Damian HindsOpen World Limited
W LewisOpen World Limited
Hugh TaylorOpen World Limited
Ian HarknessOpen World Limited
Adrian GarnettOpen World Limited
Christopher ShallisOpen World Limited
Esther LamIhc May Fair Hotel Limited
Pritti PatelIhc May Fair Hotel Limited
Fiona CuttellIhc May Fair Hotel Limited
George TurnerSix Continents Limited
Jean CombeerRibbon Hotels Limited
Ann BrownRibbon Health and Fitness Limited
Timothy MasonRibbon Hotels Limited
Peter CardnellRibbon Health and Fitness Limited
Travelrest Services LimitedRibbon Health and Fitness Limited
Esther LamPollstrong Limited
Pritti PatelPollstrong Limited
Lori GaytanPollstrong Limited
Michaeljohn BridgePollstrong Limited
Anthony SternBbjv Investments Limited
Esther LamSix Continents Investments Limited
Helen MartinSix Continents Investments Limited
Michael ThompsonSc Leisure Group Limited
Timothy ClarkeSix Continents Investments Limited
Esther LamInter-Continental Hotels (Overseas) Limited
Pritti PatelInter-Continental Hotels (Overseas) Limited
Fiona CuttellInter-Continental Hotels (Overseas) Limited
Fiona CuttellInter-Continental Hotels (Overseas) Limited
Erika PercivalSix Continents Hotels International Limited
Pritti PatelSix Continents Hotels International Limited
Nicolette HenfreySix Continents Limited
Helen MartinSix Continents Hotels International Limited
Timothy EmanuelPoint of Sale Television Limited
Carson PlantPoint of Sale Television Limited
Christopher VaughanBbjv Investments Limited
Lisa MackenzieRibbon Hotels Limited
Mark StrettonRibbon Hotels Limited
David GrattonRibbon Hotels Limited
Ronald MorleyRibbon Hotels Limited
Andrew MartinRibbon Hotels Limited
David MortimerRibbon Hotels Limited
Patrick DempseyRibbon Hotels Limited
Antoine CauRibbon Hotels Limited
Robin WicksRibbon Hotels Group (UK) Limited
Nicholette HenfreyBbjv Investments Limited
Pritti PatelAsia Pacific Holdings Limited
Fiona CuttellAsia Pacific Holdings Limited
Erika PercivalSix Continents Holdings Limited
Pritti PatelSix Continents Holdings Limited
Esther LamSc Leisure Group Limited
Pritti PatelSc Leisure Group Limited
Fiona CuttellSc Leisure Group Limited
Fiona CuttellSc Leisure Group Limited
Michael SummersSc Leisure Group Limited
Esther LamHoliday Inns of America (U.K.) Limited
Erika PercivalSix Continents Limited
Pritti PatelSix Continents Limited
Thomas SingerSix Continents Limited
Helen MartinSix Continents Limited
Tracy RobbinsSix Continents Limited
Esther LamIhc Overseas (U.K.) Limited
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