Mr Gareth Luke Sefton John

Director of Mykite Limited
Born: Oct 1967 (50 years ago)
Nationality: British
Mr Gareth Luke Sefton John is British. The first directorship we have on file for him was in 2003 at Hewlett-Packard Holdings Limited. His newest directorship is with Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation where he holds the position of "Director". The company was established 01 Apr 2005. So far, Gareth has held 31 directorships, 7 of which are currently active, and 24 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Jennifer MorrisHewlett-Packard Cain Holdings Limited
Mark LambtonCec Europe Service Management Limited
Christopher DeanCec Europe Service Management Limited
Stephen GillHewlett-Packard Cain Holdings Limited
John MasonSpiritguide Limited
Angelo PiccirilloSodexo Holdings Limited
Stuart CarterSodexo Investment Services Limited
Sean HaleySodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Robert SternSodexo Holdings Limited
Neil MurraySodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Laurent ArnaudoSodexo Investment Services Limited
Lynn MawdsleySodexo Investment Services Limited
Debra WhiteSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Anthony LeechSodexo Limited
Michelle HansonSodexo Limited
Philip AndrewSodexo Investment Services Limited
Rachel OsborneSodexo Investment Services Limited
Philip JansenSodexo Holdings Limited
Yann ColeouSodexo Investment Services Limited
Aidan ConnollySodexo Investment Services Limited
Sodexo Corporate Services (No 2) LimitedSodexo Investment Services Limited
Philip LawlerHewlett-Packard Cain Holdings Limited
Anthony McquillanHewlett-Packard Cain Holdings Limited
Jim KentHewlett - Packard Limited
Andrew BothwellHewlett-Packard Cain Holdings Limited
Wallace RuizNovadigm UK Limited
Albion FitzgeraldNovadigm UK Limited
James TaylorSodexo Limited
Sodexo Corporate Services (No.1) LimitedTillery Valley Foods Limited
William ScrivensSodexo Limited
Ian McnairHewlett-Packard Manufacturing Limited
Andrew IsherwoodHewlett-Packard Cain Holdings Limited
Chris JohnSodexo Limited
Paul AnsteySodexo Limited
Andrerw RogersSodexo Limited
Ian SpenceSodexo Limited
David BaileySodexo Limited
Mark SeastronSodexo Limited
Laurent ArnaudoSodexo Limited
Christopher BraySodexo Limited
Janine McdowellSodexo Limited
Angela WilliamsSodexo Limited
Vijay SharmaSodexo Limited
Kevin FitzpatrickSodexo Limited
Natalie BickfordSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Philip HooperSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Karl MartinSodexo Limited
Jane BristowSodexo Limited
Andrew LeachSodexo Limited
Catherine FordSodexo Corporate Services (No.2) Limited
John HunterSodexo Corporate Services (No.2) Limited
Sodexo Corporate Services (No 1) LimitedSodexo Corporate Services (No.2) Limited
Christopher Murphy IvesHewlett-Packard Cain Holdings Limited
Louise DavidsonMykite Limited
Gregory JenningsSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Samantha ScottSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Simon MccluskeySodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Chris BarnesSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Niamh CraySodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Anita WilsonSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Lee BrittainSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Patrick ForbesSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Harbhajan BrarSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Margot SlatterySodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Jeremy DicksSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
David MulcahySodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Lisa CrawleySodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Rebecca SymonSodexo Stop Hunger Foundation
Gareth JohnHewlett-Packard Holdings Limited
Eric HerkensCompaq Computer UK Enterprise Limited
Richard PerkinsCec Europe Service Management Limited
Stephen RapicanoCec Europe Service Management Limited
David WheeldonCec Europe Service Management Limited
Lloyd RobinsonCec Europe Service Management Limited

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