Ms Wendy Julia Draper

Company Secretary of Jadaudit Limited
Born: Jul 1963 (55 years ago)
Nationality: British
Honours: FCA
The first position as a director we have on file for Ms Wendy Julia Draper was in 1998 at Jadaudit Limited. Her most recent directorship was with Carbonchic Limited where she held the position of "Chartered accountant". This company has been around since 16 Dec 2010 and lists its registered address as being in Kent. In total, Wendy has held 202 directorships, 5 of which are current, and 197 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Julie LewisA2 Security Limited
A2 Security Property Services UK LtdA2 Locksmiths Limited
UK Security Property Services UK LimitedA2 Locksmiths Limited
Kathleen BrownManor Construction (Medway) Limited
John BrownManor Construction (Medway) Limited
Stephen GrayGraaid Electrical Services Limited
Yvette GrayGraaid Electrical Services Limited
Helen HirstLiquid I.C.E. Limited
Edward HirstLiquid I.C.E. Limited
Stephen GayS G Business Recovery Management Limited
Andrew TaylorLanart Management Limited
Cheryl BrightSkb Plumbing and Heating Limited
Stephen BrightSkb Plumbing and Heating Limited
Derren ColwellJad Properties Rainham Limited
David CrombieGray Plant Hire Limited
John DalleyJ.A.D. Associates Limited
Linda CrawfordStarka Marine and Cable Limited
Clive CrawfordStarka Marine and Cable Limited
Robert FinotAlmastep Limited
Marcellin HellbuyckAlmastep Limited
Steven WellerAlmastep Limited
Catherine De BieOxford & Cambridge Finance Limited
Erwin UlrixOxford & Cambridge Finance Limited
Catherine UlrixOxford & Cambridge Finance Limited
Phillip MiddletonK.D.P.Tools and Fixings Limited
Juliet GoodsellK.D.P.Tools and Fixings Limited
Karl SmithK.D.P.Tools and Fixings Limited
Wendy DraperJad Properties Rainham Limited
Lesley GraemeJadaudit Limited
Dorothy GraemeJadaudit Limited
John ShowlerRogate Homes Limited
John CoombesRogate Homes Limited
Luke StacyAlpha Digital Studios Limited
Paris StacyAlpha Digital Studios Limited
Christine GilesAlpha Digital Studios Limited
Say FooPmd Management Limited
Bernard DesoutterPmd Management Limited
Michelle MassaraMobile Innovations Limited
Stephen PoveyMobile Innovations Limited
Neill DowdallDowdall Engineering Limited
Jane DowdallDowdall Engineering Limited
Huw ReynoldsRogate Homes Limited
Simon KitneyScc Carpenters Limited
Stephen CurtisScc Carpenters Limited
Donna CecyWigmore Car Sales Limited
David CecyWigmore Car Sales Limited
Mark DraperJad Properties Rainham Limited
John CrookPortfolio Evolution Limited
Michael CainePortfolio Evolution Limited
Colin CurtisOrchard Financial Management Limited
Martha NimmoPinecroft Contractors Limited
Candice NimmoPinecroft Contractors Limited
Martin NimmoPinecroft Contractors Limited
Christopher NimmoPinecroft Contractors Limited
John SkillenIntec Office Furniture Supplies Limited
Susan KingIntec (Installations) Limited
Laura RenwickRenwick Sport Horses Limited
John RenwickRenwick Sport Horses Limited
Darren BovisD & P Financial Services Limited
Phillip BovisPhillips Property Portfolio Limited
Oliver GaitOli Avit Project Management Limited
Christopher GaitOli Avit Project Management Limited
Louise ChapmanOli Avit Project Management Limited
Colin MorleyMorley Interiors Limited
Kim MorleyMorley Interiors Limited
Alain MestdaghCarbonchic Limited
Sandra KeaveneyCrispin Competition Centre Limited
Julian MincherCrispin Competition Centre Limited
Karen ScammellKs Homes Limited
Keith ScammellKs Homes Limited
Paula TrowerOntime Engineering Inspection Services Limited
Peter TrowerInspection Network Limited
Paul StephensPsd (Kent) Limited
Joseph LewisPsd (Kent) Limited
Susan YardBodycare Hair and Beauty Limited
David YardBodycare Hair and Beauty Limited
Benjamin MartinDecimo Building Services Engineering Limited
Rebecca DavisonDecimo Building Services Engineering Limited
Ann TullCdp Architecture Limited
Andrew TullCdp Architecture Limited
Yolanda VerbeeckLymbridge Limited
Jakob DenkensLymbridge Limited
Margaret GoddardCandid Talk Limited
Rebecca GoddardCandid Talk Limited
Peter LewisA2 Security Limited
Paul HareNewington Enterprises Limited
Mark HareNewington Enterprises Limited
Raymond ConnellMed Lift Services Limited
Tina ConnellMed Lift Services Limited
David HadlowPersonal Office Care Limited
Eamonn FitzsimonsKelly Productions Limited
Richard CroydonRjc Building Contractors Limited
April CroydonRjc Building Contractors Limited
Toni StewartSrs Windows Limited
Stephen StewartSrs Windows Limited
Robert RowleySwitch Controls Limited
Stonegrove LimitedSwitch Controls Limited
Giovanna CreaseyC & C Mitres Limited
Anthony ColeC & C Mitres Limited
Daren ClementsD C Technology Limited
Jacqueline ClementsD C Technology Limited
Helena EvansMedway Horse & Rider Limited
Gary KennedyMedway Horse & Rider Limited
Gary WallerTans Trix Limited
Hayley WallerTans Trix Limited
Nicole AngelJames Lewis Developments Limited
Laurence AngelPremier Specialist Coatings Limited
Cara RogersJames Lewis Developments Limited
Darren RogersPremier Specialist Coatings Limited
Marilyn CavanaughFocus P D Ltd
Michael CavanaughFocus P D Ltd
Melvin HadlowPoc (UK) Limited
Evelyne BuytaertMyrddin International Limited
Berti LemmesMyrddin International Limited
Marylyn WhiteLoday White Limited
Yves LodayLoday White Limited
Reginald WhiteLoday White Limited
Mark RemonK.T.P.S. Limited
Yvonne RemonK.T.P.S. Limited
George MorganInspection Network Limited
Jacqueline TrutweinThe Bigg Wholesale Company Limited
Trevor TrutweinPeachy.Co.UK Limited
Margaret HinchliffeP.H. Marketing Services Limited
Peter HinchliffeP.H. Marketing Services Limited
Dorothy RobertsFlyin Hi Productions Limited
Paul RobertsFlyin Hi Productions Limited
Michael SimmondsAvondale South East Limited
Sarah BackAvondale South East Limited
Andrew BackAvondale South East Limited
Maria SimmondsAvondale South East Limited
Vicky HadlowPoc (UK) Limited
Paul HamBenenden Coachworks Limited
John HamBenenden Coachworks Limited
Brian LobbS.R.I.A. Limited
Andrew StephensonS.R.I.A. Limited
Derek OrganContact For Electrical Limited
Tracy OrganContact For Electrical Limited
Laura Harrod-GreenHarrod-Green Limited
Laila LadakReece Catering Limited
Riyaz LadakReece Catering Limited
Teresa MiddletonTrip Agencies Limited
Shahid HaiderTrip Agencies Limited
Peter MoodyP & M Property Maintenance Limited
Lorraine MoodyP & M Property Maintenance Limited
Moira HutsonBridgehurst Homes Limited
Barry HutsonBridgehurst Homes Limited
Christopher LambSwarling Weddings Limited
Valerie LambSwarling Weddings Limited
David BlakeBlake Technologies Limited
Sharon BlakeBlake Technologies Limited
Deborah SkinnerDave Skinner Limited
David SkinnerDave Skinner Limited
Elaine HubbardTrevor Hubbard Limited
Phillip HubbardTrevor Hubbard Limited
Gurdev SinghThe Luton Fryer Limited
Kaur SukhjinderThe Luton Fryer Limited
Jeremy OverburyGuaranteed Home Loans Limited
Elaine OverburyJerry Overbury Limited
Pascal SanchezE.C.D.R. Limited
Teresa KeeleyMark Keeley Plastering Limited
Mark KeeleyMark Keeley Plastering Limited
Paul CoggerSouthern Lettings Limited
Beverley CoggerSouthern Lettings Limited
William PilcherDarland Estates Management Limited
Carl DahlDarland Estates Management Limited
Cynthia ParkerPettitts Building Maintenance Limited
Raymond ParkerPettitts Building Maintenance Limited
Allan WadhamsPettitts Building Maintenance Limited
Tracey WadhamsPettitts Building Maintenance Limited
Gary TuckerPrestige Homes (South East) Limited
Vernon OliverCastle Road Interiors Limited
John McgeeCallum Park Trading Limited
Louisa McgeeCallum Park Trading Limited
Robert Van BladelManon Management Services Limited
Gregory GilissenManon Management Services Limited
Deborah KellyBrightside Heating Limited
Gary KellyBrightside Heating Limited
Michael BlundyM B Diversities Limited
Janice BlundyM B Diversities Limited
Janice ThompsonHapeth Consulting Limited
Martin ThompsonHapeth Consulting Limited
Wendy FrancisSouth East Conversions (Kent) Limited
Steven ChaplinSouth East Conversions (Kent) Limited
David WellardDpw Electrical Limited
Julia WellardDpw Electrical Limited
Nigel BiggNgb Mechanical Services Limited
Michelle BiggNgb Mechanical Services Limited
Adam TrutweinPeachy.Co.UK Limited
Jacobus WijnantsIntico Limited
Antonetta PeldersIntico Limited
Deborah WingroveWingrove Construction Limited
Tony WingroveWingrove Construction Limited
Gillian BlundyBlundys Limited
Peter BlundyBlundys Limited
Leslie BuckinghamBuckingham Designs Limited
Margaret BuckinghamBuckingham Designs Limited
Jessica CotthamRekatow Groundworks Co. Limited
Alan RangerRekatow Groundworks Co. Limited
Melanie RangerRekatow Groundworks Co. Limited
Jacqueline CatmullKen Catmull Associates Limited
Kenneth CatmullKen Catmull Associates Limited
John DoeDoddington Service Station Limited
Nathan DoeDoddington Service Station Limited
Margaret DoeDoddington Service Station Limited
Russell Measor1st Choice Inflatables Limited
Sandra Measor1st Choice Inflatables Limited
Gerald MorganMorgan & Co (Kent) Limited
Jacqueline MorganMorgan & Co (Kent) Limited
Joanne TaylorEx-Squaddie Limited
Hazel PriceLighthouse Safety Training Limited
Russell PriceLighthouse Safety Training Limited
Annette OliverCastle Road Interiors Limited
Raymond BakerKent Trade Frames Limited
Christine SketchleyKent Trade Frames Limited
Bernard SketchleyKent Trade Frames Limited
Kelvin Bray1st Call Kb Aerials Limited
Brenda Bray1st Call Kb Aerials Limited
Mark HewettM.A.K. Plumbing & Heating Limited
Kevin TreeM.A.K. Plumbing & Heating Limited
Victoria TorrdoffSparkles Valet Limited
George HollidaySparkles Valet Limited
Keith RossiterPine Factory Limited
Gladys RossiterPine Factory Limited
Christine HunterJason Gavin Properties Limited
Jason GavinJason Gavin Properties Limited
Lisbet RogersMartial Arts School of Excellence Limited
Lee JacobsMartial Arts School of Excellence Limited
Timothy BackEscape Vehicle Hire Limited
Delia BackEscape Vehicle Hire Limited
Keith PoundGuaranteed Home Loans Limited
Sandra PoundGuaranteed Home Loans Limited
Gary PhippsTotal Countryside Management Limited
Catherine PhippsTotal Countryside Management Limited
Laraine BrownDavid John Brown Limited
David BrownDavid John Brown Limited
Naomi JohnsonMetalkitsch UK Limited
Melvyn JohnsonMetalkitsch UK Limited
David MannOrchard Windows (Kent) Limited
Richard MannOrchard Windows (Kent) Limited
Doreen BaileyThe Cash Bag Company Limited
Michael HewittThe Cash Bag Company Limited
Patricia CaterCater Management Limited
Robert CaterCater Management Limited
Jonathan MartinAll Car Motorist Centre Limited
Tracy FisherAll Car Motorist Centre Limited
Katherine WheeldonBeejay Building Services Limited
Justin WheeldonBeejay Building Services Limited
Jacqueline GrostateNow Design Limited
John KingNow Design Limited
Paul BunchS & P Groundworks Limited
Shaun FieldS & P Groundworks Limited
Brian CuckowMedway Cruising Club Developments Limited
Michael MayMedway Cruising Club Developments Limited
Andrew HomerMedway Cruising Club Developments Limited
Daphne HansfordMedway Cruising Club Developments Limited
Nicola QuickPhillips Property Portfolio Limited
Donna ChuterApplyrite Coatings Limited
Martin ChuterApplyrite Coatings Limited
Ian WhitfieldExclusive Salon Products Limited
Ian HardingExclusive Salon Products Limited
Robert RussellRussell Capital Limited
Stephen RussellRussell Capital Limited
Joseph BlairGourmet Touch (Medway) Limited
Alison BlairGourmet Touch (Medway) Limited
Beverley ShierS G Business Recovery Management Limited
Yvette WillettsAsk Plumbing & Heating Centre Limited
Natalie FlittonAsk Plumbing & Heating Centre Limited
Anne SkinnerAsk Plumbing & Heating Centre Limited
Stephen HarrisAsk Plumbing & Heating Centre Limited
Brian SkinnerAsk Plumbing & Heating Centre Limited
Linda PetersLakeside Timber Limited
Delwyn PetersLakeside Timber Limited
Steven WallisS.W. Communications Limited
Mary WallisS.W. Communications Limited
Anthony Jones FenechRobant Building Services Limited
Robert PoppleRobant Building Services Limited
Anthony Jones-FrenchRobant Building Services Limited
David PaternosterDsp Installations Limited
Diana PaternosterDsp Installations Limited
Adrien WhiteleyWhiteleys Limited
Gwenva WhiteleyWhiteleys Limited
Joanna LeeksWhitehead Catering Limited
Christopher LeeksWhitehead Catering Limited
David SteeleDeltec Environmental Services Limited
Barbara AngelDeltec Environmental Services Limited
Julian ChambersChambers Quality Developments Limited
Linda ChambersChambers Quality Developments Limited
Peter SmithPms - Bms Consultancy Limited
Gillian SmithPms - Bms Consultancy Limited
Stuart ClackS Clack Electrical Limited
Kellie MurphyS Clack Electrical Limited
Steven WellsWells Kent Limited
Sharon WellsWells Kent Limited
Heather MahoiM. A. Construction Cost Consultants Limited
Mahdi MahdiM. A. Construction Cost Consultants Limited
Paul ThompsonThe Timber and Damp Company Limited
Janet ThompsonThe Timber and Damp Company Limited
Geoffrey MayG M Surveys Limited
Jill MayG M Surveys Limited
Roy DayHightec Conservatory Roof Specialists Limited
Lucy CleughHightec Conservatory Roof Specialists Limited
Colin HebditchHebditch Property Renovations Limited
Paula HebditchHebditch Property Renovations Limited
Trevor HubbardGolden Slumbers Limited
Richard RajGolden Slumbers Limited
Susan EatonJ.S.L. Couriers Limited
John EatonJ.S.L. Couriers Limited
Robin BucklandIntec Office Furniture Supplies Limited
Robert RussellBlu3 (Holdings) Limited
Danny ChaneyBlu 3 (UK) Limited
Warren HarrisBlu 3 (UK) Limited
Darren FinchBlu 3 (UK) Limited
David LeanLean Publishing Limited
Alison LeanLean Publishing Limited
Karen LeanLean Publishing Limited
Rebecca PittWoodside Estates (South East) Limited
Lance PrenticeWoodside Estates (South East) Limited
Graham NewmanR & G Marine & Industrial Services Limited
Deanna NewmanR & G Marine & Industrial Services Limited
Heidi SivesR & G Marine & Industrial Services Limited
Mark WarwickSos Coachworks Limited
Shaun SutliffSos Coachworks Limited
Kathleen JacobsWoodside Canine Retreat Limited
Patrick JacobsWoodside Canine Retreat Limited
Paul RickwoodBlu3 (Holdings) Limited
Steve BasiBlu3 (Holdings) Limited
Vince LonghurstMerit Office Installations Limited
Roy AshfordMerit Office Installations Limited
Ian BatesMerit Office Installations Limited
Rickie AshfordMerit Office Installations Limited
Jamie AshfordMerit Office Installations Limited
Kim BraidfordSouth Kent Plant & Demolition Limited
Steven BraidfordSouth Kent Plant & Demolition Limited
Sharon WhymarkP J Adams Electrical Limited
Peter AdamsP J Adams Electrical Limited
David KnightJ.P. Knight & Sons Limited
Mark KnightJ.P. Knight & Sons Limited
Paul WilliamsThe Right Kard Limited
Phillip WellsThe Right Kard Limited
Bronya GoodwinJp Contracting Limited
Jonathan PayneJp Contracting Limited
Lee TantonStonegrove Refrigeration Services Limited
Barry FitgeraldStonegrove Refrigeration Services Limited
Raymond CashmoreStonegrove Refrigeration Services Limited
David ColeStonegrove Refrigeration Services Limited
Christopher FitzgeraldStonegrove Refrigeration Services Limited
Mary CiarleglioB & G Carpentry Limited
Bruno CiarleglioB & G Carpentry Limited
Tracey GaddB & G Carpentry Limited
George GaddB & G Carpentry Limited
John KnightKnight Fire Electronic Systems Limited
Dawn KnightKnight Fire Electronic Systems Limited
Susan SharmanJerry Sharman Mobile Limited
Jeremy SharmanJerry Sharman Mobile Limited
Christina MartinVictoria Martin Systems Limited
Victoria MartinVictoria Martin Systems Limited
Patrick ButlerP. A. Butler & Son Limited
Patricia ButlerP. A. Butler & Son Limited
Dennise WheeldonBeejay Designs (Staircase) Limited
John WheeldonBeejay Designs (Staircase) Limited
Linda HicksInvicta Coffee Limited
Colin HicksInvicta Coffee Limited
Robert HicksInvicta Coffee Limited
Simon HaynesGray Plant Hire Limited
Yvonne AustinGray Plant Hire Limited
Debra OvendenGray Plant Hire Limited
Michael PhillipsPhillips Commissioning Management Limited
Patricia PhillipsPhillips Commissioning Management Limited
William DuffEvergreen Trading Company Limited
Hong JiangEvergreen Trading Company Limited
Caroline KendleCity & Southern Agency Services Limited
John TaylorCity & Southern Agency Services Limited
Paul AbsolonAbsolon Management Limited
Ray AbsolonAbsolon Management Limited
John NobleNoble Electrical Limited
Ian NobleNoble Electrical Limited
Anne LewisMr Candy's Limited
Clive CandyMr Candy's Limited
Sandra MountMr Candy's Limited
Jacqueline MitchellMr Candy's Limited
Jacqueline ReidMr Candy's Limited
Karen ParkTudor Plumbing and Heating Limited
Graydon ParkTudor Plumbing and Heating Limited
Lewis FeaverRob's Traditional Greengrocery Limited
Daniel FeaverRob's Traditional Greengrocery Limited
Robin FeaverRob's Traditional Greengrocery Limited
Jane FeaverRob's Traditional Greengrocery Limited
Director at Cymorth (Cymru)
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Director at Hele's Trust
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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