Mr Nicholas Stuart Payne

Director of Nikal Ltd
Born: Jan 1967 (51 years ago)
Nationality: British
The first position as a director we have on file for Mr Nicholas Stuart Payne was in 1998 at Urbis Construction Limited. His most recent directorship is with Hillcrest Homes Woodlands Limited where he holds the position of "Director". This company has been around since 20 Feb 2017. Nicholas has held 77 directorships, 38 of which are currently active, and 39 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Stephen RobinsonEleven Developments Ltd
Michael KennedyHillcrest Granary Yard Ltd
Marc DuschenesNikal Humber Quay Residential Limited
Jonathan MurphyNikal Humber Quay Residential Limited
Andrew SutherlandOmega Warrington Limited
Michael BloodNikal (Mynshulls) Limited
Nicola ToopThe Dunham Trust
Denis MallalieuThe Dunham Trust
Andrew TurnerThe Dunham Trust
Roger TarbuckThe Dunham Trust
Peta CherryThe Dunham Trust
David VanstoneThe Dunham Trust
Iain MackenzieThe Dunham Trust
Lee KaufmanThe Dunham Trust
Paul ReillyThe Dunham Trust
Joan AppleyardThe Dunham Trust
Micheal KennedyHillcrest Homes Greenwalk Limited
Denise RobinsonLane End Real Estate Limited
Cheryl PayneLane End Real Estate Limited
Alan MiddletonNikal 2157 Limited
Alexander ChapmanLane End Real Estate Limited
Steven CrowtherLivingcity Works Limited
Andrew DoddLivingcity Works Limited
Simon BateCrashpadz Limited
Irene HarrisonUrbis Construction Limited
Business Information Research & Reporting LimitedUrbis Construction Limited
Marcia WallManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
David HolgateManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
Oliver MancoManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
David HoranManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
Stuart ShepherdThe Manchester Cathedral Visitor Centre
Richard LloydManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
Adrian GollandManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
Michael EvansManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
John AtherdenManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
Anthony OconnorManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
James BlakeyManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
Rogers GovenderManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
Peter MellorManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
Robert ShanksManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
Catherine FeeneyManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
Peter CoxEnvironmental Power Consultants Limited
Aidan DuffyEnvironmental Power Consultants Limited
Nicholas PayneEnvironmental Power Consultants Limited
John HardmanNidus Residential Ltd
Karen HardmanNidus Residential Ltd
John MoffatHive Apartments Limited
Stephen WheatcroftCrosby Westport Limited
Nicholas CarterCrosby Westport Limited
Michael CochraneNikal Ltd
Alan MiddletonEleven Developments Ltd
Anthony MurphyNikal Ltd
Alan MurphyNikal Ltd
Robert TincknellCathedral Park Management Company Limited
Stephen RobinsonCathedral Park Management Company Limited
Lynne GarlickNikal Britannic Residential Limited
Katie DroganNikal Britannic Residential Limited
Christopher DroganWest Quay Developments (Poole) Limited
Roger StephensonNikal Britannic Residential Limited
Ann StephensonNikal Britannic Residential Limited
Amy DroganNikal Britannic Residential Limited
David GilkesSweeting Street Developments Limited
David KirbySweeting Street Developments Limited
Roy StewartSweeting Street Developments Limited
Simon GarnettEleven Developments Ltd
Richard DeanEleven Developments Ltd
Michael DroganWest Quay Developments (Poole) Limited
Mark RussellWest Quay Developments (Poole) Limited
Stephen RobinsonNikal Humber Quay Apartments Limited
Caroline LitchfieldNikal Investments Limited
Stephanie MilesAbstract (Salford) Limited
Angus CollettAbstract (Salford) Limited
Mark GlatmanAbstract (Salford) Limited
Ian HudsonManchester Phoenix Community Sports Foundation
Malcolm NashManchester Phoenix Community Sports Foundation
Neil MorrisManchester Phoenix Community Sports Foundation
James InnesManchester Phoenix Community Sports Foundation
W B Company Secretaries LimitedManchester Phoenix Community Sports Foundation
Michelle BennettTidy Marketing Limited
Micheal KennedyHillcrest Homes Hurst Green Management Company Limited
Steven KnightMercian International Limited
Stephen AlexanderMercian International Limited
David MilloyOmega Warrington Limited
Euan HaggertyOmega Warrington Limited
Liam FennellMasshouse Developments Ltd
Barbara TurnbullMasshouse Developments Ltd
Philip MillerOmega Warrington Limited
Pamela SmythOmega Warrington Limited
Fiona McauleyOregen Ltd
Philip SummersOregen Ltd
Judith NoahOregen Ltd
Jonathan WrigleyEleven Developments Ltd
John KingLivingcity Limited
Gareth RiddellLivingcity Limited
Mark GallimoreLivingcity Works Limited
Roger ShoesmithCrashpadz Limited
Eric LeeCrashpadz Limited
Stuart ShepherdManchester Cathedral Ventures Limited
Ian EatonLivingcity.Co.UK Limited
Keith JoblingLivingcity.Co.UK Limited
Kennedy CampbellLivingcity.Co.UK Limited
Mc Formations LimitedLivingcity.Co.UK Limited
James MurphyNikal 2157 Limited
Silverstone Residents CompanyEleven Developments Ltd
Francis ReilMasshouse Developments Ltd
John KendrickEleven Developments Ltd
William McnameeMasshouse Developments Ltd
John KendrickMasshouse Developments Ltd
Stephen ReynoldsMasshouse Developments Ltd
Anne StewartMasshouse Developments Ltd
James RowneyMasshouse Developments Ltd
Roderick ElliottMasshouse Developments Ltd
Stuart SandersMasshouse Developments Ltd
Philip BairstowLivingcity Works Limited
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