Councillor Shaun Wright

Ex-Director of Groundwork Dearne Valley
Born: Jan 1968 (50 years ago)
Nationality: British
Councillor Shaun Wright is British and was born in 1968. The first directorship we have on file for them was in 2002 at Groundwork Dearne Valley. Their newest directorship was with Groundwork South Yorkshire where they held the position of "Local government officer". The company was established 13 Mar 2012. Shaun has held 6 directorships, 0 of which are currently active, and 6 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Margaret ThompsonThe Wright Partnership UK Limited
Glen WrightThe Wright Partnership UK Limited
Darren WrightThe Wright Partnership UK Limited
Lisa WrightThe Wright Partnership UK Limited
Louise DysonThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Michael ClaphamThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Roger OwenThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
William SkilkiThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Thomas McaughtrieThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
John EdwardsThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Anthony CrookThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Peter RowleyThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
James CrewdsonThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Frances WalkerThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Gary EllisThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Dawn DaviesThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Wayne ThomasThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
Vernon Jones MbeThe Coalfields Regeneration Trust
John MillsGroundwork Dearne Valley
Christopher PhilipGroundwork Dearne Valley
David ParkinGroundwork Dearne Valley
Bernd HoermannGroundwork Dearne Valley
Steven RawlinsonGroundwork Dearne Valley
James AndrewsGroundwork Dearne Valley
Sarah LundGroundwork Dearne Valley
James RaeGroundwork Dearne Valley
Jennifer PearsonGroundwork Dearne Valley
Andrew LairdGroundwork Dearne Valley
John ThomsonGroundwork Dearne Valley
Matthew RoperGroundwork Dearne Valley
Patricia CollinsGroundwork Dearne Valley
Anthony HarringtonGroundwork Dearne Valley
Keith CoultonGroundwork Dearne Valley
Andrew FrosdickGroundwork Dearne Valley
Leah HigginbottomGroundwork Dearne Valley
Terence DixonGroundwork Dearne Valley
Brenda TunneyGroundwork Dearne Valley
Kenneth WyattGroundwork Dearne Valley
Alan HartleyGroundwork South Yorkshire
William NorburyGroundwork Dearne Valley
Malcolm CareyGroundwork Dearne Valley
Don ChamberlainGroundwork Dearne Valley
Alan JacksonR Children's Trust
Joan Blanch-NicholsonR Children's Trust
Janet JohnsonR Children's Trust
Richard FinneyR Children's Trust
Hilary MassarellaR Children's Trust
Christopher PhilpGroundwork South Yorkshire
Jonathan DixonGroundwork South Yorkshire
Anthony GoulbournGroundwork South Yorkshire
Fergus BeesleyGroundwork South Yorkshire
Jeremy NealMorthyng Group Limited
Peter ClementsMorthyng Group Limited
Paul HudsonMorthyng Group Limited
Peter WrightMorthyng Group Limited
James NuttallMorthyng Group Limited
Peter BroxhamMorthyng Group Limited
John FraserMorthyng Group Limited
Surname and Date of Birth match.
Surname and Date of Birth match.
Director at Foodology Limited
Surname and Date of Birth match.
Director at Kindlewood Ltd
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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