Mr George Turner

Born: Feb 1971 (47 years ago)
Nationality: British
The first position as a director we have on file for Mr George Turner was in 2007 at Canliq 2 Limited. His most recent directorship is with Ihg Ps Nominees Limited where he holds the position of "Company director". This company has been around since 01 Dec 2009. George has held 82 directorships, 9 of which are currently active, and 73 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Elizabeth HorlockPurbond International Holdings Limited
George TurnerScottish Agricultural Industries Limited
Emma WinchesterPurbond International Holdings Limited
Robert RossMawlaw 532 Limited
Ian LaddMortar Investments International Limited
Nigel CribbMortar Investments International Limited
Philip GillettMortar Investments International Limited
Scott Thorn-DavisMortar Investments International Limited
David BlackwoodMortar Investments International Limited
David GeeMortar Investments International Limited
Charles AmosIci Investment Management Limited
Graham AllenIci Investment Management Limited
Ian CanhamIchem Insurance Company Limited
David TaylorIchem Insurance Company Limited
Penelope CheatleScottish Agricultural Industries Limited
Christopher GledhillIci International Limited
Anthony MyersIci International Limited
Gregor MethvenAkzo Nobel Packaging Coatings Limited
Pablo VercelliAkzo Nobel Packaging Coatings Limited
Tracey SelwoodArthur Holden & Sons Ltd
Martin HarrisonPurbond International Holdings Limited
Richard Eden-GreenLaing-National Limited
Fiona CuttellHotel Inter-Continental London Limited
Michael GloverIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelHotel Inter-Continental London Limited
Max IzzardIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Michael CockcroftIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Neil GallagherIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Lieven WernerIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Pritti PatelHotel Inter-Continental London Limited
Robert KennedyIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Nicolette HenfreyIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Paul Edgecliffe-JohnsonIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Helen MartinIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Ralph WheelerIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Nigel StocksIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Allan McewanIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Catherine SpringettIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Michael SmithImpkemix Nominees Limited
Fiona Littlebury-CuttellSix Continents Hotels International Limited
Rebecca FaganSix Continents Hotels International Limited
Erika PercivalSix Continents Hotels International Limited
Pritti PatelSix Continents Hotels International Limited
Helen MartinSix Continents Hotels International Limited
Daksha HiraniIhg Hotels Limited
Colin GarwoodSix Continents Hotels International Limited
Anthony BatePurbond International Holdings Limited
Karen LewisAcheson Industries (Europe) Limited
Derick WhyteAcheson Industries (Europe) Limited
Fiona CuttellSix Continents Limited
Rebecca FaganSix Continents Limited
Erika PercivalSix Continents Limited
Pritti PatelSix Continents Limited
Thomas SingerIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Helen MartinSix Continents Limited
Tracy RobbinsIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Richard SolomonsIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Michael ShackletonNational Adhesives Limited
John PlaistoweEdward Marsden Limited
Fiona CuttellSix Continents Overseas Holdings Limited
Rebecca FaganSix Continents Overseas Holdings Limited
Erika PercivalSix Continents Overseas Holdings Limited
Pritti PatelSix Continents Overseas Holdings Limited
Michael GloverIhg Ps Nominees Limited
Fiona Littlebury-CuttellIhg Ps Nominees Limited
Rebecca FaganIhg Ps Nominees Limited
Erika PercivalIhg Ps Nominees Limited
Pritti PatelIhg Ps Nominees Limited
Daisy LlewellynIhg Hotels Limited
Fiona CuttellIhg Hotels Limited
Rebecca FaganIhg Hotels Limited
Erika PercivalIhg Hotels Limited
Pritti PatelIhg Hotels Limited
Helen MartinIhg Hotels Limited
David WhitewoodMawlaw 532 Limited
Fiona CuttellIntercontinental Hotels Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelIntercontinental Hotels Limited
Pritti PatelIntercontinental Hotels Limited
Helen MartinIntercontinental Hotels Limited
Elie MaaloufIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Keith BarrIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Malina Man LinIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Anne BusquetIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Jo HarlowIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Ian DysonIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Gillian McdonaldIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Patrick CescauIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Christopher MayhewIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Dale MorrisonIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Kirk KinsellIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
James AbrahamsonIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Graham AllanIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Ying YehIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Jonathan LinenIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Jennifer LaingIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Ralph KuglerIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
David WebsterIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
David KapplerIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Andrew CosslettIntercontinental Hotels Group Plc
Angelo CollarinPurbond International Holdings Limited
Gerold LeumannPurbond International Holdings Limited
Fiona CuttellIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Rebecca FaganIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Erika PercivalIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Pritti PatelIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
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Forename and Date of Birth match.
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