Mr Thomas Daniel Singer

Ex-Director of New William Hill
Born: May 1963 (55 years ago)
Nationality: British
The first position as a director we have on file for Mr Thomas Daniel Singer was in 1999 at Moss Bros Group Plc. His most recent directorship was with Intercontinental Hotels Limited where he held the position of "Director". This company has been around since 02 Oct 2002. Thomas has held 231 directorships, 0 of which are currently active, and 231 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Sarah AndersonFrank Morrad Limited
Andrea MacqueenKen Munden (Turf Accountant) Limited
Ian SpearingKen Munden (Turf Accountant) Limited
Shailen WasaniKen Munden (Turf Accountant) Limited
Nigel Blythe-TinkerKen Munden (Turf Accountant) Limited
Robert LambertKen Munden (Turf Accountant) Limited
John BrownKen Munden (Turf Accountant) Limited
Simon LaneA.J. Schofield Limited
Colin ChildA.J. Schofield Limited
Robert WiperA.J. Schofield Limited
Sarah-Jane GoulbourneA.J. Schofield Limited
William HaygarthKen Munden (Turf Accountant) Limited
Richard ScottTannetje Limited
Peter MossTannetje Limited
Nigel GeeGee 2 Limited
Rowland GeeFairdale Textiles Limited
Thomas DaltryMoss Bros Group Qualifying Employee Share Ownership Trustee Limited
Terence DonovanMoss Bros Group Qualifying Employee Share Ownership Trustee Limited
Garry CobleyMoss Bros Group Qualifying Employee Share Ownership Trustee Limited
John WhittakerDawcar Limited
David LowreyWilliam Hill Credit Limited
Alison PlattBupa Insurance Services Limited
Dean HoldenBupa Insurance Services Limited
Lawrence ChurchillBupa Insurance Services Limited
George MitchellBupa Insurance Services Limited
Julian SandersBupa Insurance Services Limited
Natalie-Jane MacdonaldBupa Insurance Services Limited
Keith BiddlestoneBupa Insurance Services Limited
Pablo Juantegui AzpilicuetaBupa Insurance Services Limited
Graham AsletBupa Insurance Services Limited
Michael DugdaleBupa Insurance Services Limited
Robert WaltherBupa Insurance Services Limited
Stephen FlanaganBupa Insurance Services Limited
Ray KingBupa Insurance Services Limited
Valerie GoodingBupa Insurance Services Limited
Geoffrey BrownBupa Insurance Services Limited
Fergus KeeBupa Insurance Services Limited
Paul NewtonBupa Insurance Services Limited
Sarah AndersonGus Carter Limited
David HardingTeam Greyhounds ( Brough Park ) Limited
Winifred HarrisSunderland Stadium Limited
Kevin WildeSunderland Stadium Limited
Anne WildeSunderland Stadium Limited
Benjamin KentBupa Investments Overseas Limited
Charles RichardsonBupa Investments Overseas Limited
Steven LosBupa Investments Overseas Limited
Gareth EvansBupa Investments Overseas Limited
Mahboob MerchantBupa Investments Overseas Limited
Ian GoodacreBupa Investments Overseas Limited
Fraser GregoryBupa Investments Overseas Limited
Mark HamptonBupa Investments Overseas Limited
Nicholas BeazleyBupa Investments Overseas Limited
Raymond KingBupa Investments Overseas Limited
Julian DaviesBupa Investments Overseas Limited
Charles ScottWilliam Hill Employee Shares Trustee Limited
Guy DavisonWilliam Hill Employee Shares Trustee Limited
Alexander MackenzieWilliam Hill Employee Shares Trustee Limited
Anthony SteeleWilliam Hill Organization Limited
David HartWilliam Hill Organization Limited
Heather HuttonTeam Greyhounds ( Brough Park ) Limited
Alan HuttonTeam Greyhounds ( Brough Park ) Limited
Surname and Date of Birth match.
Director at Efsn Ltd
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Director at D.t. One Limited
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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