8th Earl of Clanwill Patrick James Meade

Director of Nmc Health Plc
Born: Dec 1960 (57 years ago)
Nationality: British
8th Earl of Clanwill Patrick James Meade is British. The first directorship we have on file for them was in 1993 at Meade, Hall & Associates Limited. Their newest directorship is with Nmc Health Plc where they hold the position of "None". The company was established 20 Jul 2011. So far, Patrick has held 12 directorships, 1 of which is currently active, and 11 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Shani Shaker-KekatiShaker Mediacomms Ltd
Hani ButtikhiNmc Health Plc
Khaleefa AlmuhairiNmc Health Plc
Binay ShettyNmc Health Plc
Ayesha AbdullahNmc Health Plc
Nandini TandonNmc Health Plc
Prasanth ManghatNmc Health Plc
Salma Hareb AlmheiriNmc Health Plc
Keyur NagoriNmc Health Plc
Abdulrahman BasaddiqNmc Health Plc
Jonathon BomfordNmc Health Plc
Simon WatkinsNmc Health Plc
Heather LawrenceNmc Health Plc
Justin JewittNmc Health Plc
Henry TompkinsNmc Health Plc
Saeed QebaisiNmc Health Plc
Bavaguthu ShettyNmc Health Plc
Khaleefa MuhairiNmc Health Plc
Infinite Investment LlcNmc Health Plc
Ian ReevesCleveland Bridge UK Limited
Shekhar ShettyCleveland Bridge UK Limited
Alan NightingaleCleveland Bridge UK Limited
Paul PritchettCleveland Bridge UK Limited
Lynn DayCleveland Bridge UK Limited
Peter LaddCleveland Bridge UK Limited
Michael DoranCleveland Bridge UK Limited
Derek PattleCleveland Bridge UK Limited
James ChildCleveland Bridge UK Limited
Anthony RaeCleveland Bridge UK Limited
Pamela SykesBallot Box Limited
Andrew SmithThe Policy Partnership Limited
Dickon KindersleyMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Thomas FenwickThe Sporting Twenty-Pager Limited
Thomas FenwickThe Sporting Twenty-Pager Limited
Charles MorganThe Sporting Twenty-Pager Limited
Philip HallMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Luke RobertsMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Nigel KennedyMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Gavin CaseyMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Luke BrandonMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Lawrence DoreMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Frederick Craig CooperMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Rory O'neillMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Douglas BlackMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Kathryn AdamsonMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Anne DavidsonThe Policy Partnership Limited
Stuart LeasorMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Rory ScanlanMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Anne CummingThe Policy Partnership Limited
Richard CurrieBallot Box Limited
Adrian LevienMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Judith Taylor RayMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Patrick MeadeMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Daniel DwyerMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Betty DoyleMeade, Hall & Associates Limited
Andrew GilmourThe University College of Osteopathy
Howard PhillipsThe University College of Osteopathy
Timothy OxbrowThe University College of Osteopathy
Stephen LustyThe University College of Osteopathy
Fiona HendryThe University College of Osteopathy
Robert BurgeThe University College of Osteopathy
Jennifer CarterThe University College of Osteopathy
Robert HopkinsThe University College of Osteopathy
Margaret PeirsonThe University College of Osteopathy
Adam BridgerThe University College of Osteopathy
Barbara LapperThe University College of Osteopathy
Kate Stuart-SmithThe University College of Osteopathy
Christopher LaingThe University College of Osteopathy
Benedict Thompson-MccauslandThe University College of Osteopathy
Clive StandenThe University College of Osteopathy
Penelope ConwayThe University College of Osteopathy
Michael ConroyCbm Oil Plc
Stephen PageCbm Oil Plc
Ramez SarkisCbm Oil Plc
Stephen PageCbm Oil Plc
Shibirin YakovichCbm Oil Plc
Geoffrey BarnesCbm Oil Plc
Leslaw GellerCbm Oil Plc
Alan DriscoleCbm Oil Plc
Simon WilsonCbm Oil Plc
Michael BurchellCbm Oil Plc
Nigel PenneyCbm Oil Plc
Vadim MalkinRussian Axis Limited
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Director at Nuovatec Limited
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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