Mr Luke Oliver Johnson

Born: Feb 1962 (56 years ago)
Nationality: British
Mr Luke Oliver Johnson is British. The first directorship we have on file for him was in at Tandem Shoes (Retail) Limited. His newest directorship is with Fiery Development Limited where he holds the position of "Entrepreneur". The company was established 07 Oct 2016. So far, Luke has held 182 directorships, 37 of which are currently active, and 145 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Gary ConwayGalliard Group Limited
Richard ConwayGalliard Group Limited
Low ChingGalliard Group Limited
Ching KwongGalliard Group Limited
Paul HubermanGalliard Group Limited
Jonathan MorganGalliard Group Limited
Michael WatsonGalliard Group Limited
Donagh O'sullivanGalliard Group Limited
David ConwayGalliard Group Limited
Jonathan WhiteGalliard Group Limited
Stephen ConwayGalliard Group Limited
Allan PorterGalliard Group Limited
Roger DaweThe Career Colleges Company (UK) Limited
Ruth GreensteinThe Career Colleges Company (UK) Limited
Alfred DwanThe Career Colleges Company (UK) Limited
Benedict RedmondSwarco UK Limited
Playful Entertainment LtdPlayful Productions LLP
Playful Partners LtdPlayful Productions LLP
Bartner Group LlcPlayful Productions LLP
Niove JanisPlayful Productions LLP
Matthew Byam ShawPlayful Productions LLP
Nicholas SalmonPlayful Productions LLP
Guy HornsbyAssembly Festival Limited
William Burdett-CouttsAssembly Theatre Limited
Mary ShieldsAssembly Theatre Limited
Sarah SmithAssembly Theatre Limited
Michael DaleAssembly Theatre Limited
Gary AshworthInterquest (UK) Limited
Alexander RossAssembly Theatre Limited
John ArcherAssembly Theatre Limited
Paul WilliamsonAssembly Theatre Limited
Robert MacdonaldAssembly Theatre Limited
Roger FarahMetro Bank Plc
James ReubenMetro Bank Plc
Graeme HardieMetro Bank Plc
Keith CarbyMetro Bank Plc
Howard FlightMetro Bank Plc
Michael BrierleyMetro Bank Plc
Alastair GunnMetro Bank Plc
Stuart BernauMetro Bank Plc
Harry LockhartMetro Bank Plc
Craig DonaldsonMetro Bank Plc
Vernon HillMetro Bank Plc
Anthony ThomsonMetro Bank Plc
Julie LeighBasura Restaurants Limited
Joseph TagerBasura Restaurants Limited
Adrian AbbeyBasura Restaurants Limited
Matthew PowellBasura Restaurants Limited
James HorlerBasura Restaurants Limited
Kevin MilnesCruise.Co (Holdings) Limited
Tony AndrewsCruise.Co (Holdings) Limited
Andrew AdlerCruise.Co (Holdings) Limited
Stephen BaconCruise.Co (Holdings) Limited
Andrew GardnerCruise.Co (Holdings) Limited
James ConlonCruise.Co (Holdings) Limited
Michael SimmondsCruise.Co (Holdings) Limited
Gary BennettMajestic Bingo Online Ltd
Mark JeppMajestic Bingo Online Ltd
Duncan CheatleStartup Britain
James Murray WellsStartup Britain
Emma JonesStartup Britain
Michael HaymanStartup Britain
Rajeeb DeyStartup Britain
Oliver BarrettStartup Britain
Paul VinerGiraffe Concepts Limited
Liza JohnsonFeng Sushi Limited
Pernille BjerrumFeng Sushi Limited
Pernilla BjerrumFeng Sushi Limited
Florence MacfarlaneThe Genuine Dining Co. Limited
Joe TagerThe Genuine Dining Co. Limited
Chris MitchellThe Genuine Dining Co. Limited
Stephen BenderBidfresh Limited
Brian HallBidfresh Limited
Stephen OswaldBidfresh Limited
Martyn LevittBidfresh Limited
Gary HoobermanBidfresh Limited
Charles NorthBidfresh Limited
Barry GowerBidfresh Limited
Shelley-Faye NorthBidfresh Limited
Paul GowerBidfresh Limited
Darren NorthBidfresh Limited
Sathasivam NadarajahBidfresh Limited
Toby BaxendaleBidfresh Limited
Helen BarnesLydden Company Limited
Steven KinsellaLydden Company Limited
Andrew MayLydden Company Limited
Jonathan KeatingLydden Company Limited
Penelope OliverLydden Company Limited
Simon RapleyLydden Company Limited
Clive PettigrewLydden Company Limited
Daniel TaylorStoredale Plc
William McintoshAmports Holdings Limited
John AspinallStoredale Plc
Charles BrineStoredale Plc
Ann ByersStoredale Plc
Terence WardaleStoredale Plc
Hugh OsmondRenbrace Limited
James DudgeonStoredale Plc
Simon RaynaudStoredale Plc
Stephen RileyStoredale Plc
Michael JoyceInterquest (UK) Limited
Matthew CrawcourInterquest (UK) Limited
Ross EadesInterquest (UK) Limited
George SitwellInterquest (UK) Limited
Valerie ArrowsmithInterquest (UK) Limited
David MitchellInterquest (UK) Limited
Deborah BrownMetrodome Group Limited
Leonard FertigMetrodome Group Limited
Mark WebsterMetrodome Group Limited
Howard WinetroubeMetrodome Group Limited
Stewart ElseIncome Tax Professionals Limited
Barrie HoarIncome Tax Professionals Limited
Bj Hoar & Co LimitedIncome Tax Professionals Limited
David McbayThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Jeffrey BamberThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Nicholas JonesThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Ashley D'aquinoThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Liz BishopThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Jeremy HillThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Charmaine GriffithsThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Mandy DonaldThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Iain FoulkesThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Ravindhi MurphyThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Nandita DesouzaThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Brendan O'neillThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Timothy MaughanThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
William BurnsThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Charles GeffenThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Jane HamiltonThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Paul WorkmanThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Parisa RazazThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Clare IsackeThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Daniel ItzhakThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Keith JonesThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Michael UsherThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Alan AshworthThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Robert MolsonThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Catherine ScivierThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Adrian HarrisThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Helen OttonThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Isabelle HotimskyThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Konstantin Graf Von SchweinitzThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Harpal KumarThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Tom BlundellThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Peter GoodfellowThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Caroline PalmerThe Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital
Martin DuffyTorridon Steel (UK) Limited
Harold FranksTorridon Steel (UK) Limited
Robert LynnTorridon Steel (UK) Limited
David CunninghamLoyalty Fusion Plc
Christopher PursehouseC R Pursehouse Limited
Richard SouthC R Pursehouse Limited
William PriorC R Pursehouse Limited
Michael Ward ThomasLoyalty Fusion Plc
Luke JohnsonJohme Limited
Alan MiltonTorridon Steel (UK) Limited
George GrayTorridon Steel (UK) Limited
Colin UlyattLoyalty Fusion Plc
Dennis LeeLoyalty Fusion Plc
Leonard ReaLoyalty Fusion Plc
John PrickettLoyalty Fusion Plc
Vikki HeywoodRsa Adelphi Enterprises Limited
Matthew BatesRsa Adelphi Enterprises Limited
Carol JacksonRsa Adelphi Enterprises Limited
Matthew TaylorRsa Adelphi Enterprises Limited
Stephen KingRsa Adelphi Enterprises Limited
Caroline WalshRsa Adelphi Enterprises Limited
Douglas SmillieCapital Radio Restaurants Holdings Limited
Simon KossoffCapital Radio Restaurants Holdings Limited
Peter HarrisCapital Radio Restaurants Holdings Limited
David MansfieldCapital Radio Restaurants Holdings Limited
Margaret RutherfordCapital Radio Restaurants Holdings Limited
Stephen GeeCapital Radio Restaurants Holdings Limited
Andrew BassadoneSrl Realisations Limited
Peter McdonaldJohme Limited
Peter WebberCapital Radio Restaurants Holdings Limited
Philip BurganSunday Business Newspapers Limited
Philip HopkinsonSunday Business Newspapers Limited
Gordon BrownSunday Business Newspapers Limited
Andrew KingUtility Cable (Subsidiary) Limited
Alan BaskeyfieldUtility Cable (Subsidiary) Limited
Patrick MccannUtility Cable (Subsidiary) Limited
John MaguireUtility Cable (Subsidiary) Limited
Stephen HargraveChildren's Medical Finance Limited
Raymond ColegateSts Flooring Distributors Limited
Raymond ColgateSts Flooring Distributors Limited
Steven GreenSts Flooring Distributors Limited
Cecil CarterSts Flooring Distributors Limited
Clifford WallmanSts Flooring Distributors Limited
Ronald EatonSts Flooring Distributors Limited
John RussellSuperbrands Limited
William ColegraveSuperbrands Limited
Richard ThomasSuperbrands Limited
Julian LewisSuperbrands Limited
Richard MaraStateone Limited
Graham SaversStateone Limited
Janet WalkerPizzaexpress Limited
Nigel ColnePizzaexpress Limited
Paul GilliganPizzaexpress (Franchises) Limited
David PagePizzaexpress (Franchises) Limited
Ian EldridgePizzaexpress Limited
John MetcalfPizzaexpress (Franchises) Limited
Matthew AllenPizzaexpress (Franchises) Limited
Peter BoizotPizzaexpress Limited
Steven NealPizzaexpress Limited
Ronald BlechnerPizzaexpress Limited
Glen TomlinsonPizzaexpress (Franchises) Limited
Jack SchumannPizzaexpress Limited
Michael BlechnerPizzaexpress Limited
James LawrenceSrl Realisations Limited
Nicholas FiddlerSrl Realisations Limited
Ratnesh BagdaiSrl Realisations Limited
Eric BoothSrl Realisations Limited
Timothy PowerSrl Realisations Limited
Marc JonasSrl Realisations Limited
Barry BartmanSrl Realisations Limited
Peter LevingerSrl Realisations Limited
Robin PearsonSrl Realisations Limited
Norman MazureSrl Realisations Limited
Manisha FerdinandAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Dorothy HendersonAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Caroline CracknellAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Sian HansenAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Jonathan ChurchAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Tanya SeghatchianAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
John CassyAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Marc MathieuAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Axel BurroughAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Lucy PermanAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Richard GildeaAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Tania ClarkAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Giles HavergalAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Christopher RodriguesAlmeida Theatre Company Limited
Matthew CooperChildren's Medical Finance Limited
Karl WatkinChildren's Medical Finance Limited
Richard OuryLtg Gateshead Group Plc
W R Tuck & Company LimitedEnglish Classic Cars Limited
Jeremy PullanEnglish Classic Cars Limited
Anthony Montague BrownEnglish Classic Cars Limited
Peter SmithEnglish Classic Cars Limited
Richard PalmerEnglish Classic Cars Limited
Anthony JolliffeEnglish Classic Cars Limited
Amanda RenshawPhaidon Press Limited
Jonathan WhalePhaidon Press Limited
David DaviesPhaidon Press Limited
Amanda RidoutPhaidon Press Limited
Jonathan FeinmesserPhaidon Press Limited
James Booth ClibbornPhaidon Press Limited
Andrew PricePhaidon Press Limited
Joseph TagerRisk Capital Limited
Mark Farrer-BrownMayfair Bingo Limited
Jeffrey WeissCash A Cheque Holdings Great Britain Limited
Richard DorfmanCash A Cheque Holdings Great Britain Limited
Cameron HetheringtonCash A Cheque Holdings Great Britain Limited
Donald GayhardtCash A Cheque Holdings Great Britain Limited
Ian SalkeldCash A Cheque Holdings Great Britain Limited
Peter SokolowskiCash A Cheque Holdings Great Britain Limited
Nicholas CornwellCash A Cheque Holdings Great Britain Limited
Beverley RipleyCash A Cheque Holdings Great Britain Limited
Terence NorrisCash A Cheque Holdings Great Britain Limited
Gordon MclureCash A Cheque Holdings Great Britain Limited
Paul MayCash A Cheque Holdings Great Britain Limited
Alastair KingGresham House Strategic Plc
Joel PlascoGresham House Strategic Plc
Roger ParryGresham House Strategic Plc
Mark SlaterGresham House Strategic Plc
Bruno DelacaveGresham House Strategic Plc
William HodgsonGresham House Strategic Plc
Tony SarinGresham House Strategic Plc
Per LundbergGresham House Strategic Plc
Ronald KoenigGresham House Strategic Plc
Stanley HollanderGresham House Strategic Plc
Michael WhitakerThe Cobden Club Limited
Andrew CarruthersGresham House Strategic Plc
Robert LoChime Communications Limited
Peter DimentChime Communications Limited
Roy ListerChime Communications Limited
Martin ReesChime Communications Limited
Timothy ChadwickAmports Holdings Limited
Gregory ClarkAmports Holdings Limited
Jeremy ColeMls Business Services (London) Ltd
Ian KibbyMls Business Services (London) Ltd
Stephen BakerMls Business Services (London) Ltd
Paul WilliamsMls Business Services (London) Ltd
Anabel HoultMls Business Services (London) Ltd
David Guillot De SuduirautMls Business Services (London) Ltd
Eric LonerganMls Business Services (London) Ltd
Jane LathamMls Business Services (London) Ltd
Damian BownMls Business Services (London) Ltd
Robert KelseyMls Business Services (London) Ltd
Charles HoultMls Business Services (London) Ltd
Ian GrantMain Road Properties Limited
Nicholas HewittMain Road Properties Limited
Rosemary WoodMain Road Properties Limited
Andrew JobsonMain Road Properties Limited
Martin WoodMain Road Properties Limited
Robin FiethRobinbuy Limited
Jacques GahagnonRobinbuy Limited
Andrew LaingRobinbuy Limited
Richard SmartRobinbuy Limited
Keith ProvinsBenicia Ports Limited
Gareth EdwardsBenicia Ports Limited
Hugh AldousElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
Barry DeanElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
Grant WhitehouseElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
Michael JacksonElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
David BrockElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
Tony McgingElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
Richard HargreavesElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
Gareth PearceElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
Nicholas LewisElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
Christopher KayElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
Michael HarrisElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
Keith LassmanElderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc
Richard NewmanFreeport
Kevin SellwoodFreeport
Sean CollidgeFreeport
Thomas BlackFreeport
David SwannFreeport
John CohenFreeport
Kimches AccountantsFreeport
Thomas ScraseFreeport
Richard WheelerFreeport
Stuart BlackSwarco UK Limited
Colin MooreSwarco UK Limited
Peter SandsSwarco UK Limited
David LoweSwarco UK Limited
Rhoderic AdamsSwarco UK Limited
Dermot MurphySwarco UK Limited
Andrew SampsonSwarco UK Limited
Peter HandyHarker Homan and Bravery Limited
Lg Directors LimitedJohme Limited
Harold StevensonIntrinsic Value Partnership Limited
Mark HorrocksIntrinsic Value Partnership Limited
Steven NovickWoc Realisations Limited
Catherine LabdonWoc Realisations Limited
Hugo DraytonWoc Realisations Limited
Richard KnightWoc Realisations Limited
David TurnbullWoc Realisations Limited
Malcolm GrahamWoc Realisations Limited
Simon Hill-NortonWoc Realisations Limited
Alison CollWoc Realisations Limited
Brian HayWoc Realisations Limited
David PagetWoc Realisations Limited
John LoveringWoc Realisations Limited
Kathrine CollingeWoc Realisations Limited
William HobhouseWoc Realisations Limited
David HemmingWoc Realisations Limited
David Gyle-ThompsonWoc Realisations Limited
Simon HannahMayfair Bingo Limited
Robert KendallBrompton Bicycle Limited
Stephen LoftusBrompton Bicycle Limited
William CarleysmithBrompton Bicycle Limited
Joanne SendellBrompton Bicycle Limited
Richard ColesBrompton Bicycle Limited
John Stenton-PuttBrompton Bicycle Limited
William Butler AdamsBrompton Bicycle Limited
Timothy GuinnessBrompton Bicycle Limited
Andrew RitchieBrompton Bicycle Limited
David RossJohnson Ross Services Limited
Nigel PlattsJohnson Ross Services Limited
Ian GillNorthwind Limited
Norman FinklesteinC R Pursehouse Limited
Shirley LawRenbrace Limited
Michael NowerRenbrace Limited
Mark SeekingsBenicia Ports Limited
David HudalyBenicia Ports Limited
John MillerQyj Limited
Robert KellyQyj Limited
Paul WatsonQyj Limited
Kenneth JacksonQyj Limited
Ronald SullivanQyj Limited
David CobbQyj Limited
Lloyd DunnQyj Limited
Craig RussellQyj Limited
Morton PayneQyj Limited
David BlackQyj Limited
Farrukh DhondyRiverside Trust
Vanessa Rawlings JacksonRiverside Trust
Nelson FernandezRiverside Trust
Ghassan KarianRiverside Trust
Charles MawerRiverside Trust
Timothy StanleyRiverside Trust
William HunterRiverside Trust
John PowellRiverside Trust
Robert FeldmannThe Cobden Club Limited
Lesley WhomersleyThe Cobden Club Limited
Stephen ToppingThe Cobden Club Limited
James HansonThe Cobden Club Limited
Judith AstorThe Cobden Club Limited
Josh AstorThe Cobden Club Limited
Scott HansonThe Cobden Club Limited
William BranniganThe Cobden Club Limited
Ivo HesmondhalghThe Cobden Club Limited
Karl WatkinLtg Gateshead Group Plc
Andrew PerloffChildren's Medical Finance Limited
Peter RowsonChildren's Medical Finance Limited
Paul FellermanLtg Gateshead Group Plc
Abraham LehrerLtg Gateshead Group Plc
David OrrLtg Gateshead Group Plc
Swraj PaulLtg Gateshead Group Plc
Max LewinsohnChildren's Medical Finance Limited
Claudine O'connorGiraffe Concepts Limited
Jonathan LloydGiraffe Concepts Limited
Scilla GrimbleGiraffe Concepts Limited
Michael HolmesGiraffe Concepts Limited
Justin MaltzGiraffe Concepts Limited
Ben RedmondGiraffe Concepts Limited
Stuart RoseGiraffe Concepts Limited

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