Mr Steven Michael Sharp

Director of Adnams PLC
Born: Jul 1950 (68 years ago)
Nationality: British
Mr Steven Michael Sharp was born in 1950 and the first directorship we have on file was in 1994 at Steven Sharp PLC. Their most recent directorship was with Imagineer Events Limited where they held the position of "Director". This company has been around since 05 Sep 2014 and lists its registered address as being in Knutsford.
Officer withat
Stuart Alan Ransom Rose Booker Limited
Graham John Oakley Marks and Spencer P.L.C.
Lynda Carolyn Vaughan-Jones Steven Sharp PLC
Simon Jonathan Malster Steven Sharp PLC
Amanda Mellor Marks and Spencer P.L.C.
Marc Bolland Marks and Spencer P.L.C.
Ian Dyson Marks and Spencer P.L.C.
Alan James Harris Stewart Marks and Spencer P.L.C.
William Andrew Joseph Tester Steven Sharp PLC
Howard Thomas Steven Sharp PLC
Gordon Henry Kee Eternal Reflections Limited
John Michael Flexen Booker Limited
Simon Piers Dominic Loftus Adnams PLC
Kenneth James Bootyman Booker Limited
Michael James Camp Booker Limited
Chrissi Roberta Evans Booker Limited
Richard Gay Maude-Roxby Booker Limited
John Kevin Lomax Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Martin Dawe Martin Dawe Design Limited
Jaqueline Jarvis Martin Dawe Design Limited
Jonathan Andrew Harvey Eternal Reflections Limited
Michael John Glavin Booker Limited
Robert John Nicholson Adnams PLC
Mary Susanne Dawson Tate Members
Stephen Crommelin Pugh Adnams PLC
Andrew James Kirk Martin Dawe Design Limited
Neil Richard Kennedy Steven Sharp PLC
Philip John Hudson Booker Limited
John Michael Joseph Keenan Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Michael Wells Martin Dawe Design Limited
Terence Burns Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Shirley Elizabeth Johnson Booker Limited
Alexandra Catherine Buckley Steven Sharp PLC
Jonathan George Snow Tate Members
Francine Elizabeth Stock Tate Members
Bryn Satherley Booker Limited
Deborah Kay Baker Booker Limited
Roy Nicholson Booker Limited
Shaun Birrell Booker Limited
Linda Mary Genower Tate Members
Stephen Hogan Booker Limited
Jonathan Adnams Adnams PLC
Brendan Godfrey Eamonn Finucane Tate Members
Peter Richard Wallis Tate Members
William Bruce Kendall Adnams PLC
Albert Kwok Shing Liu 1 Montenotte Road Limited
Priti Popat 1 Montenotte Road Limited
Marina Kolia 1 Montenotte Road Limited
John Matthew Stephenson 1 Montenotte Road Limited
David Adjaye Tate Members
Simon Casimir Wilson Tate Members
Max Mastro 1 Montenotte Road Limited
Stephen Derek Curzon Adnams PLC
Jan Petrus Du Plessis Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Simon Waldman Tate Members
Susanna Palin 1 Montenotte Road Limited
Catharine Watkins Tate Members
Cornelia Parker Tate Members
Elkan Abrahamson Tate Members
Julie Dawn Milner Pr In Fashion PLC
Martha Lane Fox Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Miranda Caroline Sawyer Tate Members
Dominic Harris Tate Members
Caroline Miriam Blyth Tate Members
Karen Hester Adnams PLC
Mo Fisher Tate Members
Elli Cartwright Tate Members
Robert Ralston Mccracken Tate Members
John Graham Berry Booker Limited
William John Hoskins Booker Limited
John William Dixon Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Bridget Fiona Mcintyre Adnams PLC
Genny Boccardo-Dubey Tate Members
Amanda Jane Mellor Marks and Spencer P.L.C.
William Grimsey Booker Limited
Johnstone Godfrey Tate Members
Ryan Gander Tate Members
Hannah Collins Tate Members
Neil Scott Tate Members
Stephen Joseph Rowe Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Kate Bostock Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Andrew Simon Pritchard Booker Limited
John Alan Napier Booker Limited
David Jeremy Darroch Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Louise Alexandra Virginia Charlotte Patten Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Gordon Alexander Fergusson Eternal Reflections Limited
Peter Thompson O'neill Eternal Reflections Limited
Nicola Joy Dulieu Adnams PLC
Steven Derek Esom Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Andrew Nigel Halford Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Adele Frances Mary Woods Imagineer Events Limited
Victoria Ruth Dixon Imagineer Events Limited
Lesley Carol Sharpe Imagineer London Limited
Manvinder Singh Banga Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Steven John Holliday Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Shami Chakrabarti Tate Members
Miranda Theresa Claire Curtis Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Andrew Charles Wood Adnams PLC
Michael Guy Hilliard Heald Adnams PLC
Laura Katharine Wade-Gery Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
David Michael Charles Michels Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Robert William Ashburnham Swannell Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Elizabeth Sarah Cantwell Adnams PLC
Paul Myners Marks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Helen Claire Hilton Imagineer London Limited

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