Mr Steven Michael Sharp

Director of Adnams Plc
Born: Jul 1950 (68 years ago)
Nationality: British
The first position as a director we have on file for Mr Steven Michael Sharp was in 1994 at Steven Sharp Plc. His most recent directorship is with Imagineer Events Limited where he holds the position of "Director". This company has been around since 05 Sep 2014. Steven has held 12 directorships, 3 of which are currently active, and 9 are no longer active.
Officer withat
William GrimseyBooker Limited
William HoskinsBooker Limited
Andrew PritchardBooker Limited
John BerryBooker Limited
Stephen HoganBooker Limited
Philip HudsonBooker Limited
Shaun BirrellBooker Limited
Shirley JohnsonBooker Limited
Deborah BakerBooker Limited
Bryn SatherleyBooker Limited
Stuart RoseMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
John NapierBooker Limited
John FlexenBooker Limited
Chrissi EvansBooker Limited
Roy NicholsonBooker Limited
Michael CampBooker Limited
Michael GlavinBooker Limited
Kenneth BootymanBooker Limited
Richard Maude-RoxbyBooker Limited
Alan StewartMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Marc BollandMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Amanda MellorMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Amanda MellorMarks and Spencer P.L.C.
Ian DysonMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Graham OakleyMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Andrew KirkMartin Dawe Design Limited
Michael WellsMartin Dawe Design Limited
Jaqueline JarvisMartin Dawe Design Limited
Martin DaweMartin Dawe Design Limited
Alexandra BuckleySteven Sharp Plc
Lynda Vaughan-JonesPr In Fashion Plc
Neil KennedySteven Sharp Plc
Howard ThomasPr In Fashion Plc
William TesterPr In Fashion Plc
Simon MalsterPr In Fashion Plc
Johnstone GodfreyTate Members
Jonathan SnowTate Members
Neil ScottTate Members
Mo FisherTate Members
Genny Boccardo-DubeyTate Members
Hannah CollinsTate Members
Ryan GanderTate Members
Elli CartwrightTate Members
Caroline BlythTate Members
Dominic HarrisTate Members
Miranda SawyerTate Members
Elkan AbrahamsonTate Members
David AdjayeTate Members
Simon WilsonTate Members
Shami ChakrabartiTate Members
Cornelia ParkerTate Members
Catharine WatkinsTate Members
Simon WaldmanTate Members
Robert MccrackenTate Members
Francine StockTate Members
Mary DawsonTate Members
Linda GenowerTate Members
Brendan FinucaneTate Members
Peter WallisTate Members
Elizabeth CantwellAdnams Plc
Karen HesterAdnams Plc
Michael HealdAdnams Plc
Nicola DulieuAdnams Plc
Bridget McintyreAdnams Plc
Stephen CurzonAdnams Plc
Stephen PughAdnams Plc
William KendallAdnams Plc
Andrew WoodAdnams Plc
Simon LoftusAdnams Plc
Robert NicholsonAdnams Plc
Jonathan AdnamsAdnams Plc
Lesley SharpeImagineer London Limited
Helen HiltonImagineer London Limited
Peter O'neillEternal Reflections Limited
Gordon FergussonEternal Reflections Limited
Gordon KeeEternal Reflections Limited
Jonathan HarveyEternal Reflections Limited
Victoria DixonImagineer Events Limited
Adele WoodsImagineer Events Limited
Julie MilnerPr In Fashion Plc
Andrew HalfordMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Stephen RoweMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Miranda CurtisMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Manvinder BangaMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Laura Wade-GeryMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Robert SwannellMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
John DixonMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Jan Du PlessisMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Kate BostockMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Steven EsomMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Martha FoxMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
David MichelsMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Louise PattenMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
David DarrochMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Terence BurnsMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Steven HollidayMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Paul MynersMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
John KeenanMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
John LomaxMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Albert Liu1 Montenotte Road Limited
Priti Popat1 Montenotte Road Limited
Susanna Palin1 Montenotte Road Limited
John Stephenson1 Montenotte Road Limited
Marina Kolia1 Montenotte Road Limited
Max Mastro1 Montenotte Road Limited
Director at Joddymix Limited
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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