Mr Barry Nightingale

Ex-Director of All In One Limited
Born: Mar 1961 (57 years ago)
Nationality: British
Mr Barry Nightingale is British. The first directorship we have on file for him was in 1993 at Moon Leasing Limited. His newest directorship was with Monarch Technical Support Limited where he held the position of "Finance director". The company was established 16 Dec 1991. So far, Barry has held 111 directorships, 0 of which are currently active, and 111 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Michael HamiltonDartlake Limited
Fred DoneBetfred Limited
Philip WhiteheadTote UK International Limited
Trevor BeaumontTote UK International Limited
Andrew LindleyTote UK International Limited
Vishal GulatiPush Dr Limited
Daniel BradleyPush Dr Limited
Warren JacobsPush Dr Limited
Jonathan EelesPush Dr Limited
Jonathan EelesPush Dr Limited
Eren OzagirPush Dr Limited
Matthew ElcockPush Dr Limited
Adam SimonPush Dr Limited
Michael HamiltonBetfred Limited
Gregory McmahonEscape Card Limited
Ian AndersonTravelex Travel Money Services Limited
Timothy ByrneTravelex Travel Money Services Limited
David BurnsTravelex Travel Money Services Limited
David CrosslandTravelex Travel Money Services Limited
Harold CollinsonJupiter Leasing Limited
Albert CoeTravelex Travel Money Services Limited
Kenneth BartonThe Btn Finance Company
Rosanna RoughleyThe Btn Finance Company
Susan DrewittThe Btn Finance Company
Michael LeeTravelex Travel Money Services Limited
Christopher BennettMonarch Group Management Limited
Andrew LingardSomewhere2stay Limited
Andrew SwaffieldMonarch Group Management Limited
Kevin O'reganMonarch Travel Group Limited
Richard FrancisMonarch Travel Group Limited
Mike EllisDone Brothers (Cash Betting) Limited
John HaddockBetfred Limited
Maureen DoneDone Management Limited
Anne DoneDone Management Limited
Andrew LingardMonarch Holidays Limited
Gary AnslowMonarch Travel Group Limited
Pauline ProwMonarch Airlines Limited
Michael VinalesMonarch Travel Group Limited
Graham ColesMonarch Travel Group Limited
Steven NobesThe New Car Supermarket Limited
Julia PhippsCc Automotive Group Limited
Anthony HinkleyThe New Car Supermarket Limited
Michael WalshCc Automotive Group Limited
Nigel GilmoreCc Automotive Group Limited
Barry NightingaleThe New Car Supermarket Limited
Noel MckeeThe New Car Supermarket Limited
Darren MckeeThe New Car Supermarket Limited
Deborah CattCc Automotive Group Limited
Andrew CoulthurstCc Automotive Group Limited
Alan HolgateCc Automotive Group Limited
Mandy BowdenCc Automotive Group Limited
Andrew LingardAvro Aviation Limited
Michael HamiltonTote Investors Limited
Raymond MarcallJupiter Leasing Limited
Tadeusz DetkoClose Number 4 Limited
George SandarsJupiter Leasing Limited
Richard BarhamJupiter Leasing Limited
Gene MashlanGreen Light Leasing Limited
Robin WallingGreen Light Leasing Limited
Patricia PlestedGreen Light Leasing Limited
Clive DarlastonGreen Light Leasing Limited
Andrew LingardMonarch 2011 Limited
Andrew LaveryMonarch Group Management Limited
Jonathon RoundBluekys (103) Limited
Nick EarleIlluminati Group Limited
George BrownIlluminati Group Limited
Amir EilonIlluminati Group Limited
Michael KeefeIlluminati Group Limited
Robert ChartersIlluminati Group Limited
Nicholas ManoudakisIlluminati Group Limited
Nikos StathopoulosIlluminati Group Limited
Maurice KellyEe-Ms Limited
Stelios Haji-IoannouIlluminati Group Limited
Nicholas HartleyIlluminati Group Limited
Andrew LingardMonarch Technical Support Limited
Ian BartholomewMonarch Aircraft Engineering Limited
Andrew LingardMh Aviation Transport Limited
Andrew LingardAvro Limited
David JardineThomas Cook Group Management Services Limited
Glenn RidsdaleThomas Cook Group Management Services Limited
James JenningsThomas Cook Group Management Services Limited
Glen RidsdaleClose Number 4 Limited
Michael HamiltonTote Credit Limited
Keith OliverTote Credit Limited
Joseph ScanlonLightcatch Limited
Anthony JukesMoon Leasing Limited
Nigel WestMoon Leasing Limited
Stephen PetersMoon Leasing Limited
Malcolm RogersMoon Leasing Limited
Michael HamiltonTote Bookmakers Limited
Peter BurkeTote Bookmakers Limited
Christopher BennettMonarch Aircraft Engineering Limited
Andrew LingardMonarch Aircraft Engineering Limited
Keith EarndenMonarch Airlines Limited
Derek GibsonMonarch Aircraft Engineering Limited
Andrew LingardMonarch Travel Group Limited
Michael HamiltonTote Europools Limited
Andrew LingardFirst Aviation Limited
Adrian TigheMonarch Airlines Limited
Michael HamiltonTote Course Limited
Andrew LingardMonarch Holdings Limited
Nathaniel MeyohasMonarch Holdings Limited
Richard PerlhagenMonarch Holdings Limited
Marc MeyohasMonarch Holdings Limited
Philip BoggonMonarch Holdings Limited
Roy McnultyMonarch Holdings Limited
Andrew LingardMonarch Airlines Leasing Limited
Michael SmithMonarch Airlines Limited
Anthony KinkleySwitch Car Limited
Andrew LingardMonarch Airlines Limited
Marisa BlascoMonarch Airlines Limited
Nils ChristyMonarch Airlines Limited
Michael HamiltonTote Computer Services Limited
Michael HamiltonTote (Successor Company) Limited
Anthony DyerTote (Successor Company) Limited
Anthony BoyleTote (Successor Company) Limited
Kathryn CloughBirchwood Mortgages Limited
Susan BickertonGoldentree Mortgages Limited
Steven MarshGoldentree Mortgages Limited
Michael HamiltonTote Digital Limited
Michael BloodJcco 329 Limited
Michael HamiltonCampbells (Bookmakers) Limited
Alistair StewartUK Car Group Limited
Andrew MacfieUK Car Group Limited
Theresa OldhamClose Number 4 Limited
Louise LynchehaunClose Number 4 Limited
Janice TimberlakeClose Number 4 Limited
Beverley ThornellClose Number 4 Limited
Peter MagillClose Number 4 Limited
Julie IrvingClose Number 4 Limited
Robert WilcockClose Number 4 Limited
Joseph TullyClose Number 4 Limited
Michael HamiltonTote Direct Limited
John BavisterTravelex Travel Money Services Limited
David DerrickTravelex Travel Money Services Limited
Christopher HumphreysTravelex Travel Money Services Limited
Michael HamiltonCommunications Agency Services Limited
Andrew LingardMonarch Group Management Limited
Robin BridgeUcan Car Credit Limited
Michael HamiltonBetfred Group Limited
Rachel Palin55 Oakley Square (Residents) Limited
Richard Stafford55 Oakley Square (Residents) Limited
William Palin55 Oakley Square (Residents) Limited
Karen Simmonds55 Oakley Square (Residents) Limited
Averil Cameron55 Oakley Square (Residents) Limited
Michael HamiltonMoneta Communications Holdings Limited
Steven LongdenMoneta Communications Holdings Limited
Christopher SheffieldJcco 329 Limited
Paul KirszanekJcco 329 Limited
Bryan JamiesonJcco 329 Limited
William CunninghamJcco 329 Limited
David RoseWe R Interactive Ltd
Kathryn CloughGoldentree Financial Services Plc
Steven LongdenGoldentree Financial Services Plc
Gary WhiteheadGoldentree Financial Services Plc
Kathryn CloughGoldentree Mortgages Limited
Steven LongdenGoldentree Mortgages Limited
Michael HamiltonTotepool Limited
Simon OgdenEe-Ms Limited
Louis WerthEe-Ms Limited
Mary Keane DawsonEe-Ms Limited
Niall McbainEe-Ms Limited
Dla Nominees LimitedEe-Ms Limited
Dla Secretarial Services LimitedEe-Ms Limited
Fred DoneTote Limited
Michael HamiltonTote Limited
Michael HamiltonTote UK International Limited
Full name and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Director at Brandu Inc Ltd
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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