Mr Peter Eric Done

Born: Feb 1947 (71 years ago)
Nationality: British
Mr Peter Eric Done was born in 1947 and the first directorship we have on file was in 1991 at Sports Tours International Limited. His most recent directorship is with Croner-I Limited where he holds the position of "Director". This company has been around since 21 Jul 2017. In total, Peter has held 97 directorships, 19 of which are current, and 78 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Peter SwiftPeninsula Business Services (Ireland) Ltd
Anthony SutcliffePeninsula Business Services (Ireland) Ltd
Benjamin ChaplinCroner Taxwise Limited
Desmond ShawCroner Taxwise Limited
Fred DoneThe Chase (East Ham) Limited
Keith HaywardPeninsula Business Services (Ireland) Ltd
Noel PillingPeninsula Business Services (Ireland) Ltd
Peter DoneThe Chase (East Ham) Limited
Peter SwiftRainy City Properties Limited
David PriceCroner Group Limited
Brandon CollinsHealth Assured Ltd
Matthew KelvieHealth Assured Ltd
Phillip TaylorHealth Assured Ltd
Bertrand Stern-GilletPeninsula Business Services Limited
Michael HamiltonBetfred Limited
Richard HanleyHanley Racing Limited
Harry BrakewellHanley Racing Limited
Angela BrooksSidepool Limited
David MahoneySidepool Limited
John HaddockBetfred Limited
Maureen DoneThe Chase (East Ham) Limited
Anne DoneThe Chase (East Ham) Limited
Neil SwimerLee David Properties Limited
Darryl LeeLee David Properties Limited
Waterlow Secretaries LimitedFrankel Brow Limited
Jacqueline WitheringtonPremier Racing (Bookmakers) Limited
Paul WitheringtonPremier Racing (Bookmakers) Limited
David ScottPremier Racing (Bookmakers) Limited
Clifford WingDone Brothers (Leasing) Limited
Peter HollandCroner Taxwise Limited
Steven WadeCroner Taxwise Limited
Julian StringerCroner Taxwise Limited
Rupert ChapmanCroner Taxwise Limited
Barry HincksCroner Taxwise Limited
Stephen GreenwellCroner Taxwise Limited
Kim RossiCroner Taxwise Limited
Ronald GouldCroner Taxwise Limited
Paul GoldGiftcircle Limited
Cynthia GoldGiftcircle Limited
Debra WalkerRobert Walker Brinkburn Limited
Sylvia WalkerRobert Walker Brinkburn Limited
George WalkerRobert Walker Brinkburn Limited
Russell CorlettPeninsula Business Services (Ireland) Ltd
Darren ChadwickCroner Group Limited
Dennis UpfoldPeninsula Business Services Limited
Nicholas BabingtonPeninsula Business Services Limited
Alan PricePeninsula Business Services (Ireland) Ltd
Julie EnglishPeninsula Business Services Limited
Geoffrey FordPeninsula Business Services Limited
John MalleyPeninsula Business Services Limited
Peter SwiftPeninsula Business Services Group Limited
Robert FalzonA & R Racing Limited
Alexander KnightA & R Racing Limited
Lisa FalzonA & R Racing Limited
Lynn KnightA & R Racing Limited
Richard BrockBridgewater Travel Limited
Vince ReganSports Tours International Limited
Stephen LewisIrwell Insurance Company Limited
Keith WardellIrwell Insurance Company Limited
Clifford HoughtonIrwell Insurance Company Limited
Sarah HartIrwell Insurance Company Limited
Wade MartinIrwell Insurance Company Limited
George RapleyIrwell Insurance Company Limited
David SumbergIrwell Insurance Company Limited
Barry FothergillIrwell Insurance Company Limited
Ian DunbarIrwell Insurance Company Limited
Carol BarkerCliff Richards (Racing) Limited
John BarkerCliff Richards (Racing) Limited
Wayne MarlerThe Chase (East Ham) Limited
Deborah MarlerThe Chase (East Ham) Limited
Angelo SanzoneThe Chase (East Ham) Limited
Austen GravestockMike Gratton Leisure Pursuits Limited
Julia TyeMike Gratton Leisure Pursuits Limited
Kevin TyeMike Gratton Leisure Pursuits Limited
John WilliamsStamford Insurance Company Limited
Benjamin ChaplinCroner Group Limited
Salvador Fernandez-LopezCroner Group Limited
Diane WilliamsCroner Group Limited
John GoudieCroner Group Limited
Kenneth JohnsonDemmy The Bookmaker Limited
Selwyn DemmyDemmy The Bookmaker Limited
John ClancyChartertrack Limited
Terence ClancyChartertrack Limited
Peter DoneMosley Street Ventures Limited
Halliwells Directors LimitedHallco 969 Limited
Halliwells Secretaries LimitedHallco 969 Limited
Alastair BrownBright Hr Limited
Paul HarrisBright Hr Limited
Paul ToothBright Hr Limited
Brighton Director LtdBetfred Limited
Brighton Secretary LtdBetfred Limited
Gerard LyonLincoln Worsley Properties Limited
Deborah LyonLincoln Worsley Properties Limited
Peter SwiftRainy City Investments Limited
Clive ChaplinLightleague Investments
First Names Secretaries (Isle of Man) LimitedLee David Properties Limited
Mansukhlal GudkaLee David Properties Limited
Hitesh ShahLee David Properties Limited
Martin AbramsonLee David Properties Limited
Simon FineLee David Properties Limited
Charlotte TurnerPortfolio Payroll Limited
Anthony MaceyPortfolio Payroll Limited
Amanda Nash De VilliersPortfolio Payroll Limited
Daniel DonePortfolio Payroll Limited
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Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Director at C.a.r. Limited
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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