Lord Stuart Alan Ransom Rose

Born: Mar 1949 (69 years ago)
Nationality: British
Lord Stuart Alan Ransom Rose was born in 1949 and the first directorship we have on file was in 1992 at Dorsub (Dpr) Limited. His most recent directorship was with Oasis Healthcare International Limited where he held the position of "Chairman". This company has been around since 31 May 2007. Stuart has held 32 directorships, 4 of which are currently active, and 28 are no longer active.
Officer withat
Ian GrabinerArcadia Group Limited
Anthony GrabinerArcadia Group Limited
Philip GreenArcadia Group Limited
Paul CoackleyArcadia Group Limited
Ian AllkinsArcadia Group Limited
John ReadmanArcadia Group Limited
Caroline WicksArcadia Group Limited
Alison CarnwathLand Securities Group Plc
Charles WilsonMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
David MichelsMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Bernard CraggArcadia Group Limited
Priscilla SnowballBusiness In The Community
Adam BroadbentArcadia Group Limited
Nigel HallArcadia Group Limited
Richard ManeyArcadia Group Limited
Keith CameronArcadia Group Limited
John HoernerBritish Fashion Council
Caroline MarlandArcadia Group Limited
Ian JackmanDorsub (Dpr) Limited
Richard NugeeThe Scar Free Foundation
Nicholas JamesThe Scar Free Foundation
Ian TrailThe Scar Free Foundation
Bruce KeoghThe Scar Free Foundation
Andrew GregoryThe Scar Free Foundation
Simon BoadleThe Scar Free Foundation
Richard MilnerThe Scar Free Foundation
Jonathan SandyThe Scar Free Foundation
William RolloThe Scar Free Foundation
Timothy GoodacreThe Scar Free Foundation
Naiem Moiemen El-KashefThe Scar Free Foundation
Veronica RussellThe Scar Free Foundation
Jennifer Ransom RoseThe Scar Free Foundation
Timothy StreatfeildThe Scar Free Foundation
Michael BrennenThe Scar Free Foundation
Nichola RumseyThe Scar Free Foundation
Douglas McgeorgeThe Scar Free Foundation
John TempleThe Scar Free Foundation
David AllenThe Scar Free Foundation
Christopher PattenThe Scar Free Foundation
Hugh TwissThe Scar Free Foundation
Jagtar SinghThe Scar Free Foundation
John BerryNurdin & Peacock Limited
Philip HudsonNurdin & Peacock Limited
Steven GlewGiant Booker Limited
John NapierBooker Limited
David PriceThe Big Food Group Limited
Ewen MacphersonGiant Booker Limited
Adrian BusbyNurdin & Peacock Limited
Rosaleen KerslakeNurdin & Peacock Limited
Alan SmithThe Big Food Group Limited
Clare SpottiswoodeGiant Booker Limited
John KitsonBooker Nominees Limited
Charles BowenGiant Booker Limited
Brian StewartGiant Booker Limited
Jonathan Taylor, CbeGiant Booker Limited
James NelsonGiant Booker Limited
Antony AclandGiant Booker Limited
Stephen HoganBooker Limited
Shaun BirrellBooker Limited
Shirley JohnsonHappy Chef Limited
Steven SharpMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Deborah BakerBooker Limited
Bryn SatherleyBooker Limited
John FlexenBfs Group Limited
Stephen BuckBooker Limited
Chrissi EvansBooker Limited
David WindmillBooker Limited
Roy NicholsonBooker Limited
Michael CampNurdin & Peacock Limited
Michael GlavinBooker Limited
Kenneth BootymanBooker Limited
Robert MuirBooker Limited
Richard Maude-RoxbyBfs Group Limited
Thomas KnowltonThe Big Food Group Limited
Russell FordThe Big Food Group Limited
Iain SharpThe Big Food Group Limited
Andrew PritchardThe Big Food Group Limited
Malcolm WalkerThe Big Food Group Limited
John MclachlanThe Big Food Group Limited
Paul AttwoodHappy Chef Limited
Doris BeltonHappy Chef Limited
Simon DyeNurdin & Peacock Limited
Julie SouthernOcado Group Plc
Luke JensenOcado Group Plc
Emma LloydOcado Group Plc
Andrew HarrisonMobile Money Network Limited
Duncan Tatton-BrownOcado Group Plc
Alexandra MahonOcado Group Plc
Mark RichardsonOcado Group Plc
Douglas MccallumOcado Group Plc
Robert CooperOcado Group Plc
Robert GorrieOcado Group Plc
Jorn RausingOcado Group Plc
Moreen AndersonOcado Group Plc
Michael Grade of YarmouthOcado Group Plc
David GrigsonOcado Group Plc
Jason GissingOcado Group Plc
Timothy SteinerOcado Group Plc
Neill AbramsOcado Group Plc
Neill AbramsOcado Group Plc
Rodney MarplesDorsub (Dpr) Limited
John HodgesDorsub (Dpr) Limited
David BatesDorsub (Dpr) Limited
Marc BollandMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Amanda MellorMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Amanda MellorMarks and Spencer P.L.C.
Ian DysonMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Mark MckeonMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Maurice HelfgottMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Vittorio RadiceMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Graham OakleyMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Laurel Powers FreelingMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Alison ReedMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Roger HolmesMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Luc VandeveldeMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Angus MonroNsb Retail Systems Limited
Mark QuartermaineNsb Retail Systems Limited
Stanley ZackNsb Retail Systems Limited
William LassnerNsb Retail Systems Limited
Howard StotlandNsb Retail Systems Limited
Michael CarrellNsb Retail Systems Limited
Stuart MitchellNsb Retail Systems Limited
Seale MoorerNsb Retail Systems Limited
Martin ChatwinNsb Retail Systems Limited
Alan HatfieldNsb Retail Systems Limited
Alan VickeryNsb Retail Systems Limited
Ashley AbrahamNsb Retail Systems Limited
Nikaila BeckettNsb Retail Systems Limited
Geoffrey BoltNsb Retail Systems Limited
Alan JacobsA. Levy & Son Limited
Michael RainerMarlow Retail Limited
Mohammed KhanA. Levy & Son Limited
Yechezkel YechielA. Levy & Son Limited
Steven CohenMarlow Retail Limited
Anna DanieliA. Levy & Son Limited
Simon CooperA. Levy & Son Limited
Michael O'connorA. Levy & Son Limited
Jordi GonzalezOasis Healthcare International Limited
Ian WoodOasis Healthcare International Limited
Robin BryantOasis Healthcare International Limited
Stephen TaylorOasis Healthcare Limited
Julian PerryOasis Healthcare International Limited
Justinian AshOasis Healthcare International Limited
John HawkesIndustry In Education Limited
Elizabeth ReidIndustry In Education Limited
Charles AllwoodIndustry In Education Limited
George LankesterIndustry In Education Limited
Peter VardyIndustry In Education Limited
John SunderlandIndustry In Education Limited
Alexander ScottIndustry In Education Limited
William WinthropIndustry In Education Limited
Martin LandauIndustry In Education Limited
Kieran PoynterIndustry In Education Limited
David BakerIndustry In Education Limited
Richard PerryIndustry In Education Limited
Anthony DubbinsIndustry In Education Limited
Gary AllenIndustry In Education Limited
Mary ChapmanIndustry In Education Limited
Christopher MellorIndustry In Education Limited
John RiversIndustry In Education Limited
Philip ScottIndustry In Education Limited
David ReillyIndustry In Education Limited
Robert BeestonIndustry In Education Limited
David TrapnellIndustry In Education Limited
Harold KalmsIndustry In Education Limited
Geoffrey ArmstrongIndustry In Education Limited
Robin DerwentIndustry In Education Limited
David HammondIndustry In Education Limited
Michael AshcroftIndustry In Education Limited
Cyril TaylorIndustry In Education Limited
Donald MccrickardIndustry In Education Limited
Richard PainterIndustry In Education Limited
Juliet WarkentinBritish Fashion Council
Iain MelvilleBritish Fashion Council
Anna HarveyBritish Fashion Council
Brian GodboldBritish Fashion Council
Paul KeenanBritish Fashion Council
Neil GillonBritish Fashion Council
Betty JacksonBritish Fashion Council
Anne PitcherBritish Fashion Council
Michael TerryBritish Fashion Council
David ElliottBritish Fashion Council
Penelope MartinBritish Fashion Council
Jamie BillBritish Fashion Council
Clinton SilverBritish Fashion Council
Jenifer RosenbergBritish Fashion Council
June BarkerBritish Fashion Council
Barry HancockBritish Fashion Council
Wendy DagworthyBritish Fashion Council
John WilsonBritish Fashion Council
Terence MansfieldBritish Fashion Council
Cyril KernBritish Fashion Council
Gerald SaundersBritish Fashion Council
Anne TyrrellBritish Fashion Council
Achilleas ConstantinouBritish Fashion Council
Annette Worsley-TaylorBritish Fashion Council
Peter PhillipsBritish Fashion Council
Ian ChristieBritish Fashion Council
Tanya SarneBritish Fashion Council
Emanuel SilvermanBritish Fashion Council
Gail SackloffBritish Fashion Council
Rosalind EisenBritish Fashion Council
Janet DrathBritish Fashion Council
Martin LentBritish Fashion Council
Peter Clifton-GouldBritish Fashion Council
David RosevearBfs Group Limited
Brian JoffeBfs Group Limited
Colin KretzmannBfs Group Limited
Stephen BenderBfs Group Limited
Gwendoline ParryBfs Group Limited
Peter KingBfs Group Limited
Anthony BryantBfs Group Limited
Alexander FisherBfs Group Limited
Maitland FordBfs Group Limited
Frederick BarnesBfs Group Limited
Charles PearceBfs Group Limited
Mark PriceBusiness In The Community
Yogesh ChauhanBusiness In The Community
Alexander GourlayBusiness In The Community
Ruby Mcgregor-SmithBusiness In The Community
Brendan DickBusiness In The Community
Graham EdwardsBusiness In The Community
Alison PlattBusiness In The Community
Paul RooneyBusiness In The Community
Steven HollidayMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
George TateBusiness In The Community
Michael WareingBusiness In The Community
Christopher HymanBusiness In The Community
Benjamin KernighanBusiness In The Community
Philip GreenBusiness In The Community
Peter CummingsBusiness In The Community
Howard StitzerBusiness In The Community
Michael KellyBusiness In The Community
Ann BeynonBusiness In The Community
Michael FaireyBusiness In The Community
Richard LambertBusiness In The Community
John KellyBusiness In The Community
Carolyn MccallBusiness In The Community
Ian RussellBusiness In The Community
Michael RyanBusiness In The Community
Sean MahonBusiness In The Community
Christine HodgsonBusiness In The Community
Robert WigleyBusiness In The Community
Amelia FawcettBusiness In The Community
Philip HodkinsonBusiness In The Community
Ian SmithBusiness In The Community
David JacksonBusiness In The Community
Richard GregoryBusiness In The Community
Mervyn PedeltyBusiness In The Community
Francesco Vanni D ArchirafiBusiness In The Community
John WilliamsBusiness In The Community
John SpenceBusiness In The Community
Allan LeightonBusiness In The Community
Michael RakeBusiness In The Community
Charles AllenBusiness In The Community
Lesley WolfendenBusiness In The Community
Stuart EtheringtonBusiness In The Community
John NeillBusiness In The Community
Quayseco LtdOasis Healthcare International Limited
William ColvinOasis Healthcare International Limited
Thomas SpurgeonMobile Money Network Limited
Nicholas TaylorMobile Money Network Limited
Richard WallerMobile Money Network Limited
Martin HobbsMobile Money Network Limited
Johnny HornbyMobile Money Network Limited
Timothy MorrisMobile Money Network Limited
Duncan MillikenMobile Money Network Limited
Evan DaviesMobile Money Network Limited
Charles DunstoneMobile Money Network Limited
Ian KenyonMobile Money Network Limited
Andrew SunderlandMobile Money Network Limited
Michael KeymorthMobile Money Network Limited
Alastair LukiesMobile Money Network Limited
Stefan CassarSoak & Sleep Holdings Limited
Thandi HuntSoak & Sleep Holdings Limited
Charles HuntSoak & Sleep Limited
Andrew TuckeySoak & Sleep Limited
Andrew LothianNo Exclusions Limited
Anita MatherNo Exclusions Limited
Geoffrey FinkNo Exclusions Limited
John CollyearNo Exclusions Limited
Derek DouglasNo Exclusions Limited
James Corrigan-StuartNo Exclusions Limited
James Corrigan-StuartNo Exclusions Limited
Kathryn MurchNo Exclusions Limited
Adam GoldmanDorsub (Dpr) Limited
David BrownDorsub (Dpr) Limited
Philip SmithDorsub (Dpr) Limited
Philip SmithDorsub (Dpr) Limited
Ian JackmanDorsub (Dpr) Limited
Malcolm HigginsLaserthor Limited
Nicholas TriggLaserthor Limited
Jonathan JamesLaserthor Limited
Keith WintersLaserthor Limited
Garry NesbittLaserthor Limited
Christian JacksonLaserthor Limited
Mark Naughton-RumboMarlow Retail Limited
Leigh of HurleyMarlow Retail Limited
Richard RoseMarlow Retail Limited
Gurdev MattuMarlow Retail Limited
Yechezkel YechielMarlow Retail Limited
Miraj KhanMarlow Retail Limited
Cressida HoggLand Securities Group Plc
Edward Bonham CarterLand Securities Group Plc
Stacey RauchLand Securities Group Plc
Adrian De SouzaLand Securities Group Plc
Simon PalleyLand Securities Group Plc
Robert NoelLand Securities Group Plc
Christopher BartramLand Securities Group Plc
Kevin O'byrneLand Securities Group Plc
Richard HaythornthwaiteLand Securities Group Plc
Christopher BlandLand Securities Group Plc
Paul MynersMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Martin GreensladeLand Securities Group Plc
Richard AkersLand Securities Group Plc
Michael HusseyLand Securities Group Plc
Bo LereniusLand Securities Group Plc
Aubrey CollinsLand Securities Group Plc
Ian EllisLand Securities Group Plc
Ian HendersonLand Securities Group Plc
Andrew MacfarlaneLand Securities Group Plc
David RoughLand Securities Group Plc
Francis SalwayLand Securities Group Plc
Peter DudgeonLand Securities Group Plc
Peter FreemanLand Securities Group Plc
Peter BirchLand Securities Group Plc
Winfried BischoffLand Securities Group Plc
Alan StewartMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Robert SwannellMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
John DixonMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Jan Du PlessisMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Kate BostockMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Steven EsomMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Martha FoxMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
David DarrochMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Louise PattenMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Terence BurnsMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Anthony HabgoodMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
John LomaxMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Stella RimingtonMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
John KeenanMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Brian BaldockMarks and Spencer Group P.L.C.
Stefan CassarSoak & Sleep Limited
Thandi HuntSoak & Sleep Limited
Adam ProwseSoak & Sleep Limited
Adam BellamyImage Restaurants Limited
Desmond GunewardenaImage Restaurants Limited
Jason JonesImage Restaurants Limited
Roderick BrooksImage Restaurants Limited
Michael SpencerImage Restaurants Limited
Urs SchwarzenbachImage Restaurants Limited
Christopher BodkerImage Restaurants Limited
Marian ScruttonImage Restaurants Limited
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Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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