Mr Michael Todd Glover

Born: Aug 1971 (47 years ago)
Nationality: American
The first position as a director we have on file for Mr Michael Todd Glover was in 2016 at Six Continents Corporate Services. His most recent directorship is with Regent Asia Pacific Management Limited where he holds the position of "Financial controller". This company has been around since 01 Jul 2018. In total, Michael has held 55 directorships, 53 of which are current, and 2 are no longer active.
Officer withat
David TaylorThe Met Hotel Leeds Limited
Catherine LindsayRoxburghe Hotel Edinburgh Opco Limited
Nicolette HenfreyEdinburgh Ic Limited
Martin BennettThe Met Hotel Leeds Limited
Daisy LlewellynThe Met Hotel Leeds Limited
James BurrellThe Met Hotel Leeds Limited
Anthony TroyThe Met Hotel Leeds Limited
Michael CockcroftRegent International Hotels Limited
Fiona CuttellHotel Intercontinental London (Holdings) Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelHotel Intercontinental London (Holdings) Limited
Michael CockcroftEdinburgh Ic Limited
Nigel StocksEdinburgh Ic Limited
Ralph WheelerEdinburgh Ic Limited
Fiona CuttellIntercontinental (Pb) 2
Colin GarwoodIntercontinental (Branston) 1 Limited
Fiona CuttellIntercontinental (Pb) 1
Catherine LindsayYork Station Road Hotel Opco Limited
Fiona CuttellIhc UK (Holdings) Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelIhc UK (Holdings) Limited
Fiona CuttellIhc London (Holdings)
Hanisha Hands-PatelIhc London (Holdings)
Fiona CuttellSc Nas 3
Fiona CuttellIhc May Fair (Holdings) Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelIhc May Fair (Holdings) Limited
Fiona CuttellSix Continents Corporate Services
Hanisha Hands-PatelSix Continents Corporate Services
Fiona CuttellHoliday Inns (England) Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelHoliday Inns (England) Limited
Fiona CuttellIntercontinental Hotels Group Services Company
Max IzzardIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Miyuki PanRegent Hospitality Worldwide, Inc.
Maples Secretaries (Cayman) LimitedRegent Hospitality Worldwide, Inc.
Sy-Lian PanRegent Hospitality Worldwide, Inc.
Fiona Littlebury-CuttellIhc May Fair Hotel Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelIhc May Fair Hotel Limited
Fiona CuttellHotel Inter-Continental London Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelHotel Inter-Continental London Limited
George TurnerIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Stephen QuickSc Nas 2 Limited
Keith SullySc Nas 2 Limited
Fiona CuttellSc Nas 2 Limited
Chasity ParhmSc Nas 2 Limited
Rafael GonzalezSc Nas 2 Limited
Claire CookSc Nas 2 Limited
Jean-Pierre Espitalier-NoelSc Nas 2 Limited
Fiona Littlebury-CuttellIhc Edinburgh (Holdings)
Fiona CuttellPollstrong Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelPollstrong Limited
Catherine LindsayMet Leeds Hotel Opco Limited
Fiona Littlebury-CuttellSix Continents Investments Limited
Fiona Littlebury-CuttellSix Continents Hotels International Limited
Fiona CuttellAsia Pacific Holdings Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelAsia Pacific Holdings Limited
Fiona CuttellSix Continents Holdings Limited
Paul Edgecliffe-JohnsonIntercontinental Hotels Limited
Fiona CuttellSc Leisure Group Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelSc Leisure Group Limited
Fiona CuttellHoliday Inns of America (U.K.) Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelHoliday Inns of America (U.K.) Limited
Fiona CuttellSix Continents Limited
Fiona CuttellIhc Overseas (U.K.) Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelIhc Overseas (U.K.) Limited
Fiona CuttellIhc Hotel Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelIhc Hotel Limited
Catherine LindsaySt David's Cardiff Hotel Opco Limited
Fiona CuttellSc Quest Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelSc Quest Limited
Fiona Littlebury-CuttellSix Continents Restaurants Limited
Fiona CuttellSc Cellars Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelSc Cellars Limited
Catherine LindsayEdinburgh George Street Hotel Opco Limited
Fiona CuttellSix Continents Overseas Holdings Limited
Apf Partners Secretaries LimitedRegent International Hotels Limited
Fiona CuttellIntercontinental (Pb) 3 Limited
Catherine LindsayBlythswood Square Glasgow Hotel Opco Limited
Catherine LindsayWotton House Hotel Opco Limited
Catherine LindsayManchester Oxford Street Hotel Opco Limited
Catherine LindsayRussell London Hotel Opco Limited
Catherine LindsayThe Roxburghe Hotel Edinburgh Limited
Nicholas ChadwickThe Roxburghe Hotel Edinburgh Limited
John BradshawThe Roxburghe Hotel Edinburgh Limited
Sarah BroughtonThe Roxburghe Hotel Edinburgh Limited
Fiona CuttellIntercontinental Hotels Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelIntercontinental Hotels Limited
Fiona CuttellScih Branston 2
Catherine LindsayThe Principal Manchester Limited
Geraldine GallagherThe Met Hotel Leeds Limited
Gail HunterThe Met Hotel Leeds Limited
Fiona CuttellIntercontinental (Branston) 1 Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelIntercontinental (Branston) 1 Limited
Catherine LindsayThe Principal London Limited
Fiona CuttellIntercontinental Hotels Group Customer Services Limited
Catherine LindsayThe Principal York Limited
Catherine LindsayThe Principal Edinburgh George Street Limited
Catherine LindsayThe Met Hotel Leeds Limited
Fiona Littlebury-CuttellScih Branston 3
Fiona CuttellEdinburgh Ic Limited
Hanisha Hands-PatelEdinburgh Ic Limited
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Director at Noink Limited
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Director at Marks & Clerk Llp
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.
Forename and Date of Birth match.

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