Things Just Got a Lot Better

The best of both worlds

Following the exciting announcement of our merger with Artesian, we are offering DueDil customers access to Artesian Engage forno additional charge.

Things Just Got a Lot Better

The best of both worlds

Following the exciting announcement of our merger with Artesian, we are offering DueDil customers access to Artesian Engage for no additional charge.

Do better business, faster

The combined product set has created a new player in the Customer Lifecycle Intelligence space, extending our solution to cover the entire end-to-end customer journey, and you can benefit from this.

Combining the platforms will leverage the strengths of both products and provide our users with enhanced functionality and even richer intelligence.

Benefits of Artesian Engage

Feature details

What this means for you

news & social

Contextual and actionable news and social insights to maximise every relationship – 60,000 global sources covered and updated every 30 seconds – our algorithms read over 2 million articles a day 

- Latest changes in your accounts and prospects 

- Reasons for them to engage with you 

- Opportunities uncovered and progressed 

News Filters

Deep filtering and categorising capabilities to refine and augment the feed of news insights received 

- Only the insights that you need to know or that you can action 

- Most relevant insights surfaced 

Market Insights 

Market & Industry Insight from a broad range of sectors and sub-sectors 

- Content to build your social eminence (LinkedIn, Twitter) 

- Awareness of market changes and trends 

Online Training

Online modular learning Academy with customised training and unlimited access to tailored Training & Enablement 

- A pathway to advanced commercial behaviours 

Mobile View 

Fully customised mobile experience 

- Access to data and insights about your account on your way to your meeting 

Management Information

(Minimum licence numbers apply​)

Comprehensive view of usage and behavioural analysis by company, team and individual user 

- Understanding of usage, advanced behaviours and performance in your teams 

What our clients are saying

"We qualify leads thanks to the intelligence delivered, and immediately set about making credible approaches far faster than we could previously using just web search and LinkedIn Sales Navigator."

Barry Mitchell - Sales Manager, SCC

“Artesian will help give us the edge when it comes to using technology and insight to deliver great customer experiences – helping us create fans, not customers. Artesian is a differentiated product, certainly worthy of investment”

Kevin Barrett, Regional Director, Metro Bank

“We embarked on a modern selling strategy with Artesian because we knew that a customer-first approach would set GBG apart from our competitors”

Darren Birtwell, Sales Enablement Manager, GBG

“We were making 20-30 calls to get just one meeting. Artesian enables us to prospect intelligently and segment the quality prospects that are most valuable to us, this combined with knowing the right people to contact has helped halve our call to meeting ratio”

Keith Crane, Research & Insight Director, Communicorp UK

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Let us know if you would like access for no extra charge and we will get you up and running in no time.

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Training and support

We pride ourselves on providing ongoing support and training to our customers. To help you get the most out of your complementary access Artesian Engage we are running a series of training sessions catering for all abilities.


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Understand what people want

Good business is good business. What does that mean? If you give customers what they want and need, they will reward you with loyalty and a boost to the bottom line. Artesian's new platform can help you learn what they really need.

First-Mover Advantage​

Receive insights on the companies, people and markets you’re interested in such as sector ecosystems, new regulations, industry changes, key competitors and market influencers incl. sustainability.

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