Thursday, June 11, 2020

Transforming Financial Services with Machine Learning

Transforming Financial Services with Machine Learning

Machine Learning for Financial Services. Watch our DueDil webinar to learn more about how DueDil supports companies' digital transformation.

The ability to gather unprecedented real-time data on customers has created an opportunity for financial services providers to hyper-target SMEs with relevant support and products.

These digital information trails are incredibly powerful, however the sheer volume of information involved dictates the use of technologies like AI and machine learning in order to extract value at scale.

In this webinar Tom McGrath, Product Manager at DueDil, has discussed how machine learning is being used across financial service with Ben Saunders, VP of Strategy & Consulting EMEA at Contino, and Mohamed Abdelbary, DueDil's VP Data.

They did a deep dive into the opportunities that machine learning creates and how organisations can stay ahead of the curve.

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Tom McGrath
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