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DueDil helps you see the full story behind every business, allowing you to price risk effectively and stay on top of changes in your book as they happen.

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Avoid the unknown unknowns with intelligence you can trust

You can’t price risks you don’t know about. Use rich, contextualised information to stay on top of changes in your customer book before they turn into claims.

DueDil pinpoints the true nature of any company. See what's really going on by surfacing connections in group structure and accessing deep credit and financial profiles.


“At the core of our business is risk selection and pricing. We needed a partner with APIs to allow us to deliver answers in milliseconds. That’s where DueDil comes in.”

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Louis Carbonnier

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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Industry keywords

Proactive risk monitoring

Business customers are challenging to underwrite at scale when you don't have a clear picture of the company. Accurate underwriting and competitive pricing depend on knowing the full story behind a business.

Our proprietary industry keywords are updated daily, so you can accurately price industry and business specific risk. Take a proactive approach to MTAs and avoid underinsurance by building alerts to automatically flag changes to your book.


Automated quote and buy

Long question sets, manual processes and inaccurate data slow down your quote and buy journey and frustrate customers. This leads to high drop off rates and poor underwriting.

DueDil's easy to integrate API increases your ability to bind online without referrals. Use automation to create a seamless digital experience that increases margins and improves uptake.

Market segmentation

Made-to-measure customers

Whether your customers come through brokers or direct, too often what ends up in your book depends on who turns up at your door. Improving margins and avoiding large claims means identifying the specific businesses that satisfy your risk appetite.

DueDil covers the complete universe of limited companies, charities and registered partnerships, including all of your customers - past, present and future. Segment your market using over 150 filters and 38,000 potential activities.

Resources for insurance teams

DueDil's Chairman, Alan Millard, shares his insights on how to win in commercial insurance.

See which companies are powering growth in the UK in LSEG’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain.’

Automate your customer onboarding with a downloadable guide full of help and advice.

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