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Proactive customer monitoring

Stay compliant, mitigate risk and identify new growth opportunities with our proactive monitoring solution, Continuous Updates.

Automate your data collection, eliminate costly remediation and free your teams to add value.

In-life monitoring just got a whole lot easier

Continuous Updates enables you to monitor changes to a customer's information throughout the lifecycle of the engagement. Leveraging insights surfaced by the DueDil Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™, Continuous Updates notifies you of when something is updated making it easy to monitor the businesses you care about.

Recognise when there are changes to company status, officer appointments, newly filed financials, changes to the number of employees or modifications to existing addresses or the adding of new ones. Now you can be more proactive with your in-life monitoring and identify new opportunities for growth within your existing customer base.

Easy Compliance

Always up to date

Mitigate remediation costs and remain fully compliant with industry regulations without having to speak to trawl the internet or speak to customers to get the information you need.

Continuous Updates surfaces all of the changes to your customer book and any other organisations you're interested in ensuring you collect the new information and apply it to your database.

Growth potential

Identify new markets & opportunities

Stay up with the pace of change in the market and immediately identify new opportunities to deepen your investment, offer new services or broaden your cover.

Continuous Updates can be deployed as a sales and marketing tool to notify you when companies are ready for a new product, service or more support. Stay more connected to your customers and grow with them or diversify into other growth markets.


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Save time and resource

Automate manual tasks & add value

Staying on top of your customer base takes time, effort and considerable resource that could be better spent on more value-add projects.

Continuous Updates helps you automate customer monitoring meaning your teams can be free of the heavy lifting of searching for customer data and more focused on adding value.

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