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Redefine your company KYB strategy

A unique knowledge sharing opportunity

KYB is an essential component of the customer onboarding journey, but it’s often seen merely as a tick box exercise to avoid large fines. This year the importance of effective KYB has become clear, with millions of companies at risk following the Covid-19 crisis.

2020 has seen hundreds of thousands of companies applying for business support loans and horror stories have emerged about the archaic application and approval processes, with Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) waiting months for a decision. Something they just can’t afford in the current climate.

Banks and insurers that are automating the journey with real time company insights and providing a better customer experience to SMEs when they need it most, will come out on top after the crisis.

Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Is your onboarding journey up to scratch?
  • How does your KYB process stack up?
  • If you had the opportunity to redo it, would you do it the same way?

KYB Lunch & Learn is for you

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, redefining your KYB strategy is key to enhancing SME onboarding in this new digital age.

Bring your compliance and risk teams together and let’s talk:

  • Your KYB journey
  • Choosing the right KYB approach
  • Measurement and ROI
  • Best practice tactics and strategies
  • Pitfalls and misconceptions
  • Tech stack
  • Budget considerations

With KYB Virtual Lunch & Learn, not only is the session completely free of charge but lunch is on us for you and your team who attend the session.

KYB Lunch & Learn Takeaways

Your questions answered

You no doubt have lots of questions about redefining KYB. We’ll use the session to answer them.

Success criteria

What makes a successful KYB approach? We’ll give you a checklist to take away.


Get your personalised KYB ROI calculator and see how quickly a KYB programme will deliver time savings to your team.

Personalised KYB review

You’ll receive a KYB review to help you optimise your KYB approach.


What our clients are saying

"Since implementing DueDil, Santander was able to reduce the application process time (from picking up the phone to account approval) from 14 - 21 days, on average, down to 5 days for 74% of the cases."

Katherine Ives, Head of Digital Onboarding

“We connect to the DueDil API and pull all the relevant information. That means customers don’t have to manually fill out a lot of forms and we can comply with all of our AML and FinCrime regulations in a way that’s efficient for them.”

Joseph Connelly, Product Manager, Mettle

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KYB Lunch & Learn is a unique knowledge exchange opportunity for you to share your current KYB journey and learn how (and where) other companies are succeeding.

Mitchell Morrison will be your host and guide you as we explore KYB and your digital transformation journey.

Mitchell Morrison

Enterprise Account Manager