Delivering fast and efficient KYB in a single platform

Our real time company insights are delivered through fast and frictionless technology - letting you optimise onboarding and risk selection processes.


Full lifecycle KYB

DueDil provides a single platform to manage digital onboarding, continuous monitoring and risk selection. Giving Financial Services Providers (FSPs) a real time view of SMEs to select the risks they want and avoid the ones they don't.

We believe that creating a best in class customer experience starts with best in class customer insights.


DueDil’s best in class API integrates easily into your onboarding journey or third-party applications, providing a customer journey that is frictionless and tailored, reducing the need for manual referrals.

Risk Selection

DueDil’s Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ provides unique insights on SMEs to help you select the right customers and avoid the wrong ones. 45% of the information in the B.I.G. can’t be found anywhere else.

In Life Monitoring

DueDil’s in-life monitoring capability updates daily and ensures you stay on top of changes in your back book whenever they happen.

“The amount of information DueDil captures, all in one place, has really helped to speed up our processing time, enabling faster decisions.”

Emily Hogg
Head of Lending and Investment Operations

Straight through processing

Automating manual checks improves efficiency, reduces cost and saves time while also improving user experience for your customers. The DueDil API can increase levels of straight-through processing with automated compliance and monitoring.

“We connect to the DueDil API and pull all the relevant information. That means customers don’t have to manually fill out a lot of forms and we can still comply with all of our AML and FinCrime regulations.”

Joseph Connelly
Product Manager

Clear, accurate insights

DueDil provides a complete and contextualised view of your customers and prospects in seconds. Onboard quickly and continuously assess risk with unique real time insights from the DueDil Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™.

“We use DueDil’s information to accurately assess customers’ risk. And, with the level of detail we get we’re able to connect our customer with a provider that suits their profile”

Katie Ball
Head of Advisory Partnerships

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