A powerful platform for company intelligence


DueDil provides all the tools you need to uncover and understand the companies that matter to your business. Whether you want to conduct a high-level search to find a group of companies or dig into the detail of an individual business, DueDil has got you covered.

  • Company Profiles

    Dig deep into individual companies using a wealth of information, including detailed historical financials and documents. Find similar companies in the click of a button.

  • Advanced Search

    Stop focusing on the companies you know. Instead, find companies that fit your ideal customer profile using over 40 different metrics.

  • Group Graphs

    Understand group structures at a glance and easily navigate between different entities.

  • Ownership Tab

    View information particularly relevant for compliance and risk teams, such as shareholder information, shareholdings and credit scoring.


With DueDil, keeping track of the companies you care about is a breeze. Curate lists of prospects, export search results, and clean and append your CRM data.

  • Lists

    Compare and prioritise companies of interest, curate these collections and share with your colleagues.

  • Salesforce Integration

    Update existing accounts or create entirely new ones using reliable and up-to-date data.

  • Exports

    Export search results and company information, for use with a range of other software and CRM.

  • API

    Automate a wide variety of business functions by integrating DueDil’s data into your workflow, for solutions like populating prospect lists or verifying customer credentials.


Get notified any time a company you follow undergoes an important event or is mentioned in the media, at an interval that suits you.

  • Activity Feed

    Receive relevant news and business updates on the companies you follow, and act on these changes accordingly.

  • Alerts

    Get notified of any important changes or news about the companies you follow in optional weekly emails.

  • Events

    Identify the ideal time to approach a company. DueDil monitors for over 25 different events, such as budget windows and changes in leadership, so you can get in contact when it counts.

  • Media Monitoring

    Receive relevant news updates on Company Profiles and in the Activity Feed.


Get to know the people behind the company. DueDil provides comprehensive directorship information and business contact details to help you identify and contact key individuals at a business.

  • Contact Information

    Access the information you need to reach out to businesses and individuals through social media profiles, direct mail, or phone.

  • Director Profiles

    Understand the directors behind a company, including nationality, date of birth and directorship history.


    Reliable business phone numbers provided by the most authoritative source in the UK.

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