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A solution for Compliance

Comprehensive and efficient KYC & AML checks
when onboarding customers

DueDil ensures you have confidence in your compliance checks of a counterparty by conducting a full assessment on all entities and individuals within a corporate group structure.

Protecting your business against financial, legal and reputational damage while managing an increasingly complex regulatory landscape is more demanding than ever. Ensuring your company has a robust solution for third-party compliance has never been more critical.

DueDil identifies any and all linkages between corporate entities and associated officers, ensuring KYC, AML and EDD checks can be carried out with complete confidence.

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The result

Expedite KYC, AML and Sanctions screening against entire corporate structures with increased confidence and precision.

Find out how DueDil can help you improve your compliance processes

Download the kit

    Access and visualise a company's entire corporate group structure and run checks against all related entities and officers.


    Create a custom compliance solution tailed to your business to automate key processes including AML, KYC and EDD checks.


    Simultaneously conduct KYB and KYC checks on individuals and companies from a single access point.

A connected workflow for compliant onboarding

  1. Entity identification

    • Match new or existing records against a comprehensive database of 40M companies
    • Quickly identify related entities including beneficial owners, parent companies and portfolio companies
    • Flag high risk companies for further investigation
  2. Data enrichment

    • Check all matched businesses or officers against global PEPs and Sanctions lists
    • Flag any incidents of CCJs, Adverse Media, Gazette Notices, and more across an entire corporate structure
    • Append internal records with rich information on company officers, related entities and financial metrics
  3. Data interrogation

    • Conduct KYB and KYC checks through a single integration
    • Access original company documents to ensure accuracy of information
    • Analyse up to 20 years of historical financial records
  4. Approval and auditability

    • Download time-stamped company reports to keep as part of audit trail
    • Access historical credit reports and ratings
    • Monitor lists of existing customers or suppliers on an ongoing basis

How DueDil enables Paymentsense to scale AML processes through automation

Paymentsense utilises the DueDil API to automatically verify the ownership and group structures of new customers.

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