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Speed up the onboarding of new customers with DueDil

DueDil for Client Onboarding

Conducting comprehensive due diligence as part of your client onboarding process is essential for verifying the identity of your customers and protecting your business from money-laundering, politically exposed customers or clients involved in terrorist activity.

Use DueDil for your customer identification checks, to uncover historic company records, if customers have any sanctions against them. A comprehensive and efficient customer onboarding process forms a vital part of compliance checks.

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  • SmartPension
  • PaymentSense
  • Kone
  • AkzoNobel
  • Tabeo

Accelerate your customer onboarding

Improve the efficiency of your client onboarding process by utilising a single source of data. DueDil enables you to conduct customer identification checks quickly and identify related entities including ultimate beneficial owners and parent companies with ease. Access time-stamped company records and historical credit reports for a detailed and holistic view of your customer.

Onboard new customers more quickly by mitigating human error through automation

Quickly identify related entities including beneficial owners, parent companies and portfolio companies

Flag high risk companies for further investigation

Access original company documents to ensure accuracy of information

01. Objectives

Smart Pension needed to ensure that data entered into customer sign up forms was accurate, while reducing the number of fields that required user input in order to provide a seamless experience that minimised drop-off.

02. Actions

Smart Pension utilised the Essentials + Ownership package, integrating the DueDil API into its core onboarding process and autopopulating initial sign up forms with company and director information.

03. Results

90 Seconds

to complete the sign in process, down from up to two weeks


of total revenue credited to integrating with DueDil

DueDil is integral to making our service fast, efficient and reliable - the key attributes of our services’s success.

Sam Barton



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