Know Your Customer & Anti-Money Laundering Checks

Ensure confidence in your compliance checks with DueDil

DueDil for KYC & AML Checks

Protect your business against financial and legal difficulties by conducting a full assessment on all entities and associated parties. Use DueDil data for your AML compliance checks to identify all associated individuals, understand the corporate structure of a counterparty and check for sanctions.

Uncover Ultimate Beneficial Owners, foreign parent companies and all subsidiaries using the DueDil API as part of your KYC compliance checks.

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  • Unilever
  • AkzoNobel
  • PaymentSense
  • NetJets
  • BGF
  • Tabeo

Speed up your KYC & AML due diligence process

Improve the efficiency of your KYC & AML compliance checks by utilising a single source of data for multiple uses. Conduct background checks on individuals, the composition of group structures and for sanctions against a business to mitigate the risks associated with working with them and protect your business.

Accelerate your KYC & AML checks when onboarding new clients

Check for sanctions and background of a business and its owners

Utilise a single source of data across multiple teams

Understand the full corporate structure of a business and uncover UBOs

01. Objectives

Paymentsense was struggling to efficiently verify new customers as part of their compliance and AML checks. Their vision was to be able to scale and onboard new customers faster and more efficiently than their competitors for added differentiation.

02. Actions

Paymentsense utilised the Essentials + Ownership package to integrate the DueDil API into their custom onboarding process. This enabled Paymentsense to automatically verify the ownership and corporate group structures of their customers.

03. Results


onboarded in 2017


KYC and AML checks

We can now scale through automation. It used to take us 5 hours to complete new customer on boarding and become compliant, compared to two weeks using traditional paper-based methods. DueDil is a major contributing factor in this.

Nick Fryer



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