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A solution for Credit Risk

Minimise risk and approve more businesses
when onboarding customers

DueDil provides an end-to-end solution that works across your credit decisioning process that allows you to price risk effectively, approve more new customers and be alerted of new risks.

Approving new potential customers or suppliers is often a cumbersome process due to the time required to receive and verify the necessary documents or because of the manual and repetitive efforts across an organisation.

Businesses that use DueDil for credit risk are able to dramatically streamline their data collection and credit approval process, increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience.

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The result

Efficient credit decisions made with accurate and authoritative data, transforming a regulatory burden into a competitive advantage.

Download the Resource Kit to learn how businesses minimise risk with DueDil.

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  • credit information

    Access or download complete credit reports including CCJs, credit ratings, credit benchmarks and Gazette Notices.

  • API

    Automate the onboarding process by integrating DueDil data into your workflow to effectively assess the risk associated with a new customer or supplier.

  • Proactive Monitoring

    Build and customise lists of existing customers or suppliers to receive real-time alerts of credit rating changes, news or red flags to identify new risks.

A connected workflow to credit decisioning

  1. Credit assessment and approval

    • Access complete credit reports including CCJs, credit ratings, Gazette Notices and benchmarks
    • Understand any risks posed by related companies or associated officers
    • Export credit reports, official documents or custom reports for auditability
  2. Business pre-screening and blacklisting

    • Pre-screen prospects based on credit bands or regulatory requirements
    • Source your ideal replacement suppliers that fit your risk criteria
    • Save time by blacklisting customers or suppliers that will not meet your credit approval criteria
  3. Automate approvals and onboarding with the API

    • Integrate data into signup to bypass timely manual entry and avoid human error
    • Improve efficiency by automating the approval of low risk suppliers
    • Leverage a single source of data between teams across your business
  4. Proactively monitor customers and suppliers

    • Be notified to changes of credit score, adverse media or red flags
    • Conduct regular, automated checks on lists of businesses for re-validation
    • Review consistent and up-to-date data on customers and suppliers

How DueDil gives Kuoni the competitive edge

Kuoni monitors customer financials and credit to approve more new customers.

15%more customers
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The solution for Credit Risk


    A solution for teams to identify prospects, conduct compliance checks and assess risk.

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