Automate Business Credit Checks

Minimise risk and speed up business credit checks when onboarding customers

DueDil for Credit Checks and Credit Assessment Reports

Export credit assessment reports, business credit ratings and official documents to help you understand any risks posed by related companies or associations as part of your due diligence and credit decisioning processes.

Automate your customer and supplier credit checks to improve efficiency, speed up onboarding and approve more customers.

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Streamline your business credit checks with DueDil

Save time by automating the approval of low risk suppliers and integrating data into signup forms to speed up the process, eradicate human error and improve customer experience.

Using DueDil can also help your business to boost efficiency and accuracy by providing a single source of authoritative data for all teams, as well as official documentation and custom reports.

Export credit reports, official documents or custom reports for auditability

Integrate data into sign-up to bypass timely manual entry and avoid human error

Improve efficiency by automating the approval of low risk suppliers

Leverage a single source of data between teams across your business

01. Objectives

Long-haul tour operator Kuoni is a leading provider of tailor-made and luxury holidays, catering to over 80 destinations around the world.

In order to approve customers, Kuoni relied on expensive Experian reports for UK business checks.

These costs prohibited it from validating all customers as desired.

02. Actions

With a live database of every single company in the UK and Ireland, DueDil provides Kuoni with access to comprehensive and reliable business information.

This includes access to inexpensive and complete credit ratings on every company. Using this data, Kuoni can easily validate its business customers, and track customer activity for important changes.

This enables Kuoni to save time, easily adjust credit limits and reduce exposure. Kuoni is no longer limited to running credit checks on high-risk prospects, and is able to take a more proactive approach to the customer validation process.

03. Results

Credit check any business to


the exposure to risk

Streamlined checks result in


more customers being passed

Able to continuously


existing customers

DueDil, unlike other validation tools, enables us to monitor our customers financials, alerting us when there is a financial change within their business.

It helps us to monitor credit limits set for customers, and to increase or decrease limits accordingly. [It also gives us] an in-depth view into all the business activities and entities linked to a single business.

Diana Yeboah

Fraud and Merchant Services Manager


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