Third Party Screening

Pre-screen vendors and suppliers to identify suitable third parties and minimise risk

DueDil for Third Party Screening

Carry out supplier screening to check whether potential suppliers fit your risk criteria prior to working with them in order to safeguard your business from unnecessary risks. Blacklist customers and suppliers who do not meet your credit approval criteria to speed up your due diligence screening process.

Evaluating all third parties thoroughly and conducting vendor screening is essential to protecting your business.

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Approve new suppliers and customers quickly with DueDil

With DueDil, your business can access authoritative and accurate data to screen third parties and evaluate the risks associated with working with them. This enables you to enhance your credit-decisioning processes and find replacement suppliers that fit your credit risk criteria fast.

Pre-screen prospects based on credit bands or regulatory requirements

Source your ideal replacement suppliers that fit your risk criteria

Save time by blacklisting customers or suppliers that will not meet your credit approval criteria

Access complete credit reports on all potential vendors and suppliers

01. Objectives

Lendlease needed to better understand their suppliers in order to conduct more effective risk analysis and supply chain management. With 40 projects running at any given time - each worth up to £1m - disruption would have a severe impact on the business.

02. Actions

Lendlease utilises the complete DueDil API package as a core component of their supply chain management portal in order to more effectively manage their suppliers and mitigate the risk of disruption.

03. Results


minimise risk in minutes rather than days


suppliers and respond faster to ever changing market factors

With DueDil, our staff now have information at their fingertips when they need it to make quick, accurate decisions concerning procurement, and at any point during a project. Other solutions aren’t as quick as DueDil.

Andy Fulterer

Head of Strategic Procurement, Lendlease


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