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Every one of your future customers is on DueDil

Many sales and marketing teams focus on targeting the right people, but often they’re in the wrong companies.

To limit time wasted on unqualified leads, DueDil is the perfect workflow companion to complement Salesforce and LinkedIn.

DueDil increases efficiency within sales and marketing teams by identifying the right businesses to sell and market to, at the right time.

Because every one of your future prospects is on DueDil, our tool allows teams to be far more strategic in their focus by highlighting the whitespace in the market. This allows teams to spend more time in revenue-generating activities because they’re targeting the right businesses.

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The result

A shortened sales cycle, increased win rates, and greater customer retention and expansion.

Estimate the ROI you could achieve by using DueDil to grow revenue:

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  • Advanced Search

    Stop focusing on the companies you know. Instead, find companies that fit your ideal customer profile using over 40 different metrics.

  • Company Profiles

    Dig deep into individual companies using a wealth of information, including detailed historical financials and documents.

  • Lists

    Compare and prioritise companies of interest, curate these collections and share with your colleagues.

A connected workflow to grow revenue

  1. Identify prospects that fit your target profile

    • Seek out companies based on specific criteria
    • Zero-in on growing businesses or those entering their budget window
    • Prioritise and work through these targets as a team
  2. Distribute and monitor for buying signals

    • Share prospect lists with colleagues
    • Be notified of important company events
    • Monitor company news for triggers and context
  3. Get in touch with decision-makers

    • Identify key stakeholders in a business
    • Make warm introductions through mutually shared contacts
    • View profiles of director and shareholder
  4. Analyse any market segment

    • Assess performance across different segments
    • Identify untapped markets or whitespace
    • Maximise sales performance within target segments

How DueDil gives Reward Gateway the competitive edge

When Reward Gateway needed to drive net new pipeline, they switched to DueDil to find the results they were looking for.

£700kfirst year pipeline
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    Ideal for teams looking to identify opportunities, discover actionable information, 
and segment markets.

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