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A solution for your business to Improve Collaboration

A single source of truth across every team

When working across departments, data is often siloed in the systems used by individual teams, such as CRM, ERP or custom forms or applications.

This causes inconsistency and delays in streamlining data capture and analysis when working between teams.

DueDil provides a unified view of a counterparty by serving as the single source of data across your business. This means that sales and marketing teams are notified when to reach out to prospects, account management teams know when to expand accounts, and credit, procurement and risk teams are able to monitor their exposure across a portfolio of businesses.

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The result

Teams are able to efficiently construct an accurate view of any business, providing them confidence that their entire company is operating off of the most accurate and holistic information.

Download the Resource Kit to learn how businesses improve collaboration with DueDil:

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  • CRM

    Dig deep into individual companies using a wealth of information, including detailed historical financials and documents.

  • Sharing

    Stop focusing on the companies you know. Instead, find companies that fit your ideal customer profile using over 40 different metrics.

  • Lists

    Compare and prioritise companies of interest, curate these collections and share with your colleagues.

A connected workflow to improve collaboration

  1. A single source of data for multiple teams

    • Ensure teams across a business are working off of the same information
    • Streamline information capture between teams to increase accuracy and efficiency
    • Onboard new partners with ease from one authoritative source
  2. Collaborate on lists between teams and systems

    • Compare and prioritise companies as a team
    • Inject company information into systems across your business
    • Downloadable PDFs or CSVs ensure continuity, audit trails and redundancy
  3. Leverage the contact networks of colleagues

    • View the relationships across your business network
    • Identify and engage with decision-makers in target organisations
    • Export, cleanse and append leads and accounts to your CRM

How DueDil gives Bluefin the competitive edge

Bluefin uses DueDil for both prospecting and credit checking to increase efficiency.

30%time saving
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