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Get authoritative insights on companies across France

Making decisions with speed and confidence requires access to accurate information that can be easily integrated into your workflow.

Using the DueDil API financial services companies are transforming their operating model with insights on French companies, directors and freelancers.

SME Impact Barometer

We’ve used the DueDil Business Information Graph™ to look at key indicators of how the French SME economy is changing in real-time.


French companies in Liquidation or Administration in 2020


New Company Incorporations in France in 2020

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Supercharge your onboarding

Lengthy onboarding is painful for everyone. Manual errors and wasted time lead to poor customer experience, high abandonment rates and increased time to revenue.

We help your team simplify the onboarding process by auto-populating complex forms with authoritative customer information. Cut onboarding time from weeks to minutes and deliver a superior customer experience.


Find high-growth customers

Focusing your efforts on the wrong customers reduces profitability and slows growth, handing the advantage to your competitors.

DueDil provides a complete view of your customers and prospects in seconds, allowing you to hypersegment your market. Cut the guesswork and give your team the insights they need to identify high growth potential.


See the true nature of risk

Getting a partial view of risk leaves you exposed to unexpected changes. Whether you’re looking to understand financial viability or mitigate regulatory risk, you need to see the full-picture.

DueDil’s proprietary insights let you understand the full story behind a business. Our industry keywords help you pinpoint the nature of a company's activities and manage risk accordingly.

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Giving businesses superpowers

Imagine being able to read minds... Well, by collecting and analysing this many data points, it is the next best thing!