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Turn a regulatory burden into a competitive advantage

Performing checks on companies for KYC, Credit or Procurement is often highly manual, with repetitive and duplicated efforts across multiple teams.

Missing or incorrect information causes delay to the business, a poor experience for customers and leaves a company vulnerable to risk. Increased regulation means that it is vital to understand company ownership and exposure to risks from abroad to avoid penalisation.

DueDil makes it easy to identify beneficial owners, navigate complex group structures and extract financial data into your own tools. Lists of customers or suppliers can be uploaded and refreshed in minutes, then proactively monitored for changes or red flags.

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The result

Teams streamline their ability to gather, verify and monitor information about companies, transforming a regulatory burden into a competitive advantage.

Download the Resource Kit to learn how businesses minimise risk with DueDil.

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  • Company Profiles

    Dig deep into individual companies using a wealth of information, including detailed historical financials and documents.

  • API

    Automate a wide variety of business functions by integrating DueDil’s data into your workflow, for solutions like populating prospect lists or verifying customer credentials.

  • Stakeholders

    Compare and prioritise companies of interest, curate these collections and share with your colleagues.

A connected workflow to minimise risk

  1. Ensure new customers and suppliers are compliant

    • Check historical financials and company documents
    • Download a detailed credit report for any company
    • View potentially adverse information including CCJs and recent company news
  2. Integrate the API to streamline credit checks

    • Automate credit checks for simple and low-risk cases
    • Instantly pull financials, documents and credit history for any company
    • Retrieve information on businesses in 20 European countries
  3. Conduct rigorous KYC analysis on individual companies

    • Export up to 20 years of historical financials as a CSV
    • Quickly identify beneficial owners and view related entities
  4. Monitor companies on a continuous basis

    • Track companies in the Dashboard and receive weekly updates
    • Check for red flags and get notified of any adverse changes
    • Navigate directly to source data for further assessment

How DueDil gives Kuoni the competitive edge

Kuoni monitors customer financials and credit to approve more new customers.

15%more customers
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    A powerful solution for teams to analyse, monitor, and contextualise information about any business or sector.

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