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Price risk with precision and make better business decisions throughout the customer lifecycle with company intelligence from DueDil.


Stay ahead of changes in your book of business

Whether you're a bank, insurance firm of fintech, you need to know who you're doing business with and the risk you're exposing yourself to. Regulatory compliance checks ensure a certain level of due diligence is carried out but the process shouldn't end there.

DueDil's technology gives you the information you need to fully assess risk at point of onboarding or pricing, and throughout the lifecycle of the engagement. Continuously monitor your book for changes which may impact your risk or compliance profile.


instant risk assessment

Get the full picture

Understanding risk means understanding the true nature of a company. DueDil allows you to see ownership structure, ultimate beneficial owners and key financial data, revealing the size of risk exposure to your business.


automate to delight customers

Ditch manual processes

SMEs can be expensive to service, especially with manual checks that delay onboarding and increase costs. DueDil’s easy-to-integrate API and intuitive web app speed up and automate risk checks, delighting customers and your team.


stay ahead of changes

See risk in real time

Risk doesn’t end when you’ve onboarded. Pro-active management means staying on top of changes as they happen. Our company intelligence is updated in real time, giving you access to fresh, actionable insights.


streamline and optimise

Build a model for success

Putting SMEs and enterprises through the same risk model shouldn't mean compromising on customer experience. DueDil's rich insights on SMEs let you assess risk while still offering a seamless onboarding journey.


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Why it works

Proactive protection

Stay on top of risk management by developing customised alerts to automatically notify you of changes to client credit scores, adverse media or red flags.

See the true nature of a business

Use our proprietary industry keywords to understand the full story behind a business. They’re updated daily, so you can accurately price industry and business-specific risk.

Speed up decisions

Move faster by automating pre-screening of companies. Identify suitable third parties and avoid those that don’t meet your criteria.

Bad news before it bites

Access and download complete credit reports including County Court Judgements (CCJs) and Gazette Notices to ensure you don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risk.

What our clients are saying

“DF Capital have now been using the DueDil for circa 12 months and we have quickly embedded the application within both our Credit decisioning and in life Portfolio monitoring journeys. There are some really useful tools, for example the ability to visualise group structures in 1 click is best in class when assessing more convoluted Group structures. I would have no hesitation in recommending DueDil. They continue to innovate and we consider both the product and support network from the team to be market leading”

Nick Slack, Head of Credit at DF Capital

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